The FBI Covered Up Child Abuse… How Do They Become Accountable?

9 Comments on The FBI Covered Up Child Abuse… How Do They Become Accountable?

  1. Silly woman. She actually believed the FBI was there to investigate crime? Anyone with half a brain knows the FBI is a political enforcement unit.

  2. I believe the FBI were busy helping to fabricate crimes against the sitting elected President at the time these ladies are speaking of. They fail to rank themselves in what was important during that period. Orange Man Bad!

  3. My only hope is that now because celebrities are the victims of FBI actions that something will be done. Horrible that I have to even think that, our nation’s supposed police force.

  4. “How do they become accountable?”

    Easy answer: At present, there is no agency in Government to be accountable TO.

    All three branches of The United States Federal Government have forsaken their Constitutional obligations under law.

    It’s corrupt – in its entirety – and has to be replaced.

  5. It’s been reported, yet often hidden or scrubbed, the FBI along with the other federal “law enforcement” agencies are big participants in child trafficking-child rape-pedophilia rings both domestic and foreign. Most of the reported missing kids are never found. The Epstein-Maxwell list of member names will soon be exposed to all. Likely the Biden cult-family are among those names which accounts for much of his stupid honking and “mandates” and includes his massive spite against the realRealprezT who occupies big space in that Biden’s dull head.

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