The FBI goes after a Democrat who opposes Biden’s border policies

By Andrea Widburg

Ask any Democrat or other leftist whether the FBI was corrupt under J. Edgar Hoover, and he will eagerly agree.  Hoover, an ardent Republican, not only used the agency to capture genuine criminals, but also turned it into a spy agency tracking anyone he thought might be a communist.

Now it appears that the FBI, with help from the DOJ, is going Hoover one better and using all the old powers plus modern technology to investigate and arrest people who fail to support the Biden administration.  The FBI’s latest target is Texas representative Henry Cuellar, a Democrat, who spoke out against Biden’s illegal acts erasing America’s southern border.

It’s likely that most Americans, and especially most conservative Americans, had no idea who Henry Cuellar was before Biden entered the White House.  However, things changed when Biden issued a series of orders that effectively erased the southern border.

Enrique Roberto “Henry” Cuellar is a Democrat representative for Texas’s 28th District, which just happens to encompass a large population area sitting on the southern border.  The towns that are entirely or partially within Cuellar’s district are Converse, Laredo, Rio Grande City, and Universal City.  Every one of these towns has been directly and dramatically affected by Biden’s illegal open border policy. read more

4 Comments on The FBI goes after a Democrat who opposes Biden’s border policies

  1. The FBI is totally corrupt. Everyone in it is corrupt. The so-called rank and file are corrupt for putting up with the corrupt leadership. Screw the FBI.

  2. If you don’t realize the FBI’s heavy handed actions intend to scare any dissenters against Democrat leadership from acting out let me break some news for you.

  3. Sounds like either Doc Jill or one of Obama’s minions is going after dissenters.
    The left is The Borg and Jill and Obama are the Borg Queens.

  4. Anyone who doesn’t live anywhere near the border to see what goes on every single day has no business even commenting on it.
    2 hour visits from political whores don’t count.

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