The ‘Festivus Report’ Details the Insane Ways Government Wasted $54 Billion in 2020


Festivus is upon us. Popularized by Seinfeld, it’s the time of year to air grievances—and Sen. Rand Paul has plenty of them from 2020. 

The Kentucky Republican’s “Festivus Report” details $54 billion in government waste, which is particularly egregious during a year where Americans have lost so much as a result of coronavirus lockdowns.

What started as a 15-day period to slow the spread of COVID-19 turned into the better part of a year and “while that was happening, Congress spent as never before, doing so ostensibly without a care,” the report states. 

The deficit for Fiscal Year 2020 was a staggering $3.1 trillion—yes, some of it was COVID relief, the report notes, “but a lot of it was not.”

“[P]erhaps somebody can explain to me why the Kennedy Center needed $25 million for salaries? Or why Congress reimbursed some agencies for money they had spent in late 2019 and early 2020, before COVID hit, on efforts unrelated to COVID?” Paul wondered. “Maybe, just maybe, cutting agencies blank checks is why the debt skyrocketed from $23 trillion to more than $27 trillion. Spending was about 50% higher than last year, and payments of interest on the public debt remained extremely high at $387 billion.” more here

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  1. I am old enough to remember when Carter was our leader, and the debt went up by $300B, nearing $1T toward the end of his disaster. Any of you out here remember the awful predictions of horror? I had my first mortgage back then, 15%. Inflation was crazy. $1T national debt was seen as an impossibly large, unthinkable number. Now at $20T, and on the way to $100T, we will again hear all the same horror stories. The answer will be the same: Nothing happens, and the prices of anything real like cars and houses will go up 10X again. Bitcoin over $20,000 should give anyone awake a clue.

  2. @lasvegasbrad — And I’m old enough to remember when the U.S. Treasury handled international settlements with gold priced at $35.00 per ounce (Nixon ended that last tenuous connection between the U.S. Dollar and gold). I started buying Krugerrands 15 or 16 years ago; the price then was about $450.00/oz. Right at the moment, the spot price of gold is $1,877.00 per ounce. And then there’s silver. A pre-1964 Roosevelt dime is worth $1.80 just for the metal content.

  3. This is just a glance at the next four years (at least) of what spending will be like under the demorats – less spending on America 1st and more on Global World Order.

    Welcome to the end-times folks? Are you right with God and know Jesus?

  4. I remember when people could retire off $1,000,000, live off 8% interest and never spend the principle. Now if you have $1,000,000 you’re risking all of it to get 8% or lose it all.

  5. I remember when men were men and women were glad.
    I also remember when gas was 30 cents per gallon and Americans were proud to be American.

    Who screwed this normalcy up?

    Yeah. We all know. Never mind.

    Merry Christmas.
    Let’s roll.

  6. “Spraying of alcoholic rats with bobcat urine $4,575,431”
    Who even comes up with something like that.
    One of Biden’s grand-kids?
    How about $4,575,431 to spray BLM, Antifa, and ACLU.
    Might send a little to Soros, Gates, Fuckerburg, Dorsey, Biden, and Harris.

  7. @Cmn¢¢guy:

    “Spraying of alcoholic rats with bobcat urine $4,575,431”

    That’s really expensive because they have to keep hiring new replacement bobcat urine collectors all the time. They don’t last very long.

  8. Uncle Al
    I hadn’t really thought about how it is collected. That makes it even stranger.
    I remember the Govt spent big bucks to investigate the air currents behind a Semi. All they would have to do is talk to a bunch of motorcycle riders.


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