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The Fiery Furnace

Charles Laughton knocks some of the rust off his exposition skills to read some Scripture on what I assume to be the Ed Sullivan show. Watch

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  1. I always watch “Witness For The Prosecution” whenever it comes to TCM, he is so good in this movie.

    I guess it’s not surprising that in the land of Shakespeare, Chaplin, and Churchill, such master orators are created.

  2. @Tony – the Statesmen Quartet (shown in my post above) had their own prime time TV show in the 50’s sponsored by Nabisco (Youtube has a video of them singing enthusiastically about Nabisco saltines LOL). Now Nabisco is all in on oreos with rainbow filling to support the LGBTQIA2S ad nauseum crap. The 50’s were definitely a better time for wholesome, family entertainment and Christianity wasn’t considered to be too offensive to have any influence on television.

  3. Laughton was a master of his craft. I loved his turn as Captain Bligh in Mutiny on the Bounty, he was so thoroughly unlikable.

  4. He was very good in 1930s version of “The Island of Dr. Moreau”.

    He was by some accounts, a pervert. But if a pervert wants to read from the Bible, it’s OK with me.


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