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The Five Challenges Between Trump And The Nomination

Rasmussen has looked at the primaries that remain and has determined that if Donald Trump can reach a certain threshold among the last states, he will have the 1,237 delegates needed for an outright majority.


 He needs to win63% of the remaining 620 bound delegates or 56% of all remaining 700 delegates (bound and unbound).

  According to Rasmussen, its “challenging but possible.”


I have to admit finding merit this year with the later states actually mattering, perhaps more than the early states.

The remaining primaries will challenge and hopefully improve the eventual nominee’s ability to organize and manage the process. A skill that must be mastered to head the entire Party and to operate effectively in Washington.


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  2. Worst case he needs 68 more delegates on June 7. He will have 41 days to get them from the 150 unbound.

    Trump has show he can and will get what he needs to win on the first ballot. The guy has wiped the floor with every contender, the establishment and all their highly paid “brain trust.” He’s not about to falter now.

    Take it to the bank.

  3. I hope you’re right, pageoturner.

    The problem isn’t that I lack any confidence in Trump. I just don’t trust the GOPe.

  4. We need to take over the GOP trump is a freaking democrat ! can’t you see that ??? pro abortion, pro fags in the bathroom, pro big government, pro amnesty, You strumpets are brainwashed, hes not going to build a fence let alone have mexico pay for it what a joke

    Ted Cruz is our only hope, a true conservative, anti establishment, Tea Party Republican in the truest sense.Trump is like George McGovern back in 72 when the greasy hippies stormed the precinct caucuses and forced George on all of us.

    Trump is a loser because he has new york values, they suck!

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