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The Flying Nun

Nun disciplined after DUI arrest

A Philadelphia nun and Catholic school teacher was placed on administrative leave by the archdiocese on Wednesday after images surfaced of her failing a sobriety test.

Sister Miller was allegedly driving a Ford F150 pick-up truck at around 3am when the truck backed into a Meineke Auto Shop in Turnersville, New Jersey, smashing the shop’s front door.

Police stopped the pick-up a short distance away. A passer-by captured video as an officer led the nun through a field sobriety test.


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  1. Mother Superior announced at dinner that they had gotten a case of syphilis…the young Novice sighed and replied Thank God ! We
    are so tired of Chardonnay.

  2. @Annie: Lilly Beth came home one night and told her Momma that Billy Bob gave her a case of syphilis. Momma said put in the basement child, your Poppa will drink anything

  3. She apologized to the priest for her nasty habit – he told her to take it to the laundry, and grabbed her bottle of benedictine.

  4. Well, let’s not convict Sister Kimberly without evidence. Yes, she failed a sobriety, but is she on medication or have a medical condition? What was she doing out driving at 3 a.m.?

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