The Flynn Judicial Saga Continues!

It’s the never ending story… One spin after another. And in there latest spin, the Court of Appeal has decided to grant the rehearing en banc – before a bench of 7 democrac-appointed judges, and 3 republican-appointed judges. This has been political theatre from day one. And it just continues to the present day.

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  1. Send this crooked c*ck sucker to Gitmo where he belongs. What a disgrace. How can a pathetic loser this unqualified get promoted to the bench unless he spent time under Obama’s bench.

  2. I believe there is a remedy for this judge, it is called impeachment, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!!


    march on his home screaming “No Justice, No Peace!” and see how many days he can go without sleep. I bet after the 2nd day, he’s going to really not enjoy that.

    It’s the only thing they respect.

    Liberals are just better at politics, have to admit that!

  4. Ponch,

    Liberals are just assholes, that does not make them better but a commie culture, corporate cowardice, Marxist media, and co-opted academic system always paints them as better.

    Your average everyday lib is actually quite an idiot.

  5. If you needed more proof of the corruption of the Judicial System, here it is.

    First, we had John Roberts discovering a tax in Obola’s nationalization of “healthcare.”
    Second, we have the FISA Courts publicly taking it up the ass as handmaidens to the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DNC’s Treason attempts against President Trump.
    Now we have an alleged “judge” interposing himself in an affair where “judges” are supposed to be impartial – AND the Court of Appeal is assisting him!
    (among a multitude of imbecilities, foolishnesses, and treasons going back to its beginnings – guess BLM never heard of Dred Scott?)

    The Judiciary is wallowing in its own excrement – it’s time to abandon the charade.

    Keep the Police – Defund the Judiciary!

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. I think we’re finally going to see the missing 302. It’s going to take a piece of evidence that is so strong that the D’s have no choice but to drop charges.

  7. I wish he’d talk a little faster, he drags out every syllable.

    Anyway, we’ve all repeated this ad nauseam, this is being done to keep Flynn in limbo. I’m dying to know specifically what has them so terrified of him.

  8. There is a fix and it is similar to Daniel Anderl, the son of US District Judge Esther Salas, and the shooting of Salas’s husband, Mark Ander, just closer to home plate.

  9. Can’t someone file an ethics complain against this judge?
    This will come back to bite him on the azz.
    I would be willing to bet someone is paying something off for him.

  10. This is nothing more than another Election Agenda Playbook item.
    So don’t expect a final judgement on this until AFTER the 2020 Election.

    However, the Senate and/or DOJ also needs to review this Judge’s rulings and determine if he is fit to be seated.

    Because as it sounds right now, he is play Politics on the bench and NOT ruling based on the US Constitution.

  11. …it would seem a little hard for the judge to claim a lack of bias if he’s also the sole prosecutor…


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