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The Forgotten “Explanation” For Trump by Michael Moore

Moore explained Trump to a roomful of liberals. How he could understand Trump and why he was supported, but not support him himself, is pretty much why we are in the shape we are in in this country.

ht/ JD Hasty and Joe6Pack

And now the new fight, thanks to Donald Trump, is election integrity. The Moore explanation rings hollow because it is no longer one man, one vote. It is all about cheating. And that is the left’s doing.

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  1. If it weren’t for the fucking cheating, the lefties would be eating shit from a dirty bowl, which is much better than they deserve.

  2. I’m glad JD sent this out, I’d forgotten about it. It needs to go viral again!

  3. Right on the button Mike. So how do you reconcile all of your slander?

  4. We really need to get rid of career politicians. Maybe if 5 million marched on DC we could get term limits. But even if the a-hole swamp creatures agreed to it you know damn well they would renege when the time came.

  5. So they then decided to void all our votes with ballot stuffing to tilt the playing field. Equality after all.

  6. Ahhhhhhh I think i feel a teeny tiny tear someplace brahhhhhhh

  7. This is the most accurate and inspiring analysis I have ever listened to.

    How can Moore be so wrong in his own actions?

    These political corrections have happened several times in 246 years. In our time it voted in Reagan. Each subsequent successful correction was quickly quashed by the Republican leadership.

    The Republican Party is officially cooked. It’s time to walk away and look for alternatives. We have about nine months.

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