The Fraud Is Right There In Front of Your Face

How can this election stand? It is a total fraud on its face.

Run the numbers.

According to the AP, 153,833,024 people voted for either Trump or Biden in the 2020 election.

In 2018, there were only 153.1 million registered voters eligible to vote.

The 2020 vote total exceeded the amount of people eligible to vote just 2 years prior. That would be a more than 100% voter turnout if the numbers stayed static.

The voter eligible population grew by approximately 9 million people between 2018 and 2020.

Let’s be generous and say all 9 million people registered to vote. That would mean there would be approximately 162 million people eligible to vote.

There were 154 million votes for Trump and Biden in 2020.

There must have been a helluva “get out the vote” campaign in order to get these figures to add up. Without an extraordinary GOTV effort, it would mean that there was a 95% voter turnout.

The media is reporting that 72% of eligible voters voted, surpassing previous years by over 10%. That would mean a massive amount of registration to get a 95% eligible voter turnout down to 72%.

Simply put, there are too many votes. Period.

Additionally, we are to believe that Joe Biden garnered 79,971,510 votes, 14 million more than Obama’s vote tally in 2008 – 65,915,795?

Also Trump exceeded his 62,984,828 vote count in 2016 by about 14 million in 2020- 73,861,514. Keep in mind, Trump’s numbers are real, according to the left, who said there was no fraud. The left had to cheat to surpass this tsunami, and in doing so they made for some ludicrous figures.

Hillary and Trump combined for approximately 137 million votes. Hillary got 66 million of those votes.

How did Biden get to 80 million? Where are these voters coming from?

We all know the answer.

24 Comments on The Fraud Is Right There In Front of Your Face

  1. And again, why would you poll do you believe results. This is a fraud, a fraud requires the majority to go along and not question it. Even with all forces against Trump the longer this goes on the more curiosity and questions will be asked.

  2. Even if by some miracle he gets this overturned in court he still needs to invoke the Insurrection Act. There’s no way our justice department is going to clean this mess up. Military tribunals are the only tool to save this country. The Rat Bastards need to pay.

  3. And without any curiosity at all, the Fed. Bureau of INVESTIGATIONS promptly decided that just as with Hillary’s server and Hunter’s laptop, there is nothing suspicious to investigate!
    That’s pretty damn incurious for an agency that is composed of INVESTIGATORS !

  4. The left just doesn’t care.They’ll say go ahead try to take it away. As more and more RINO’s abandon our President. God Help Us !

  5. I’m sick to my stomach the more I hear of who Biden #NotMyPresident is plugging into cabinet positions. It’s Obama 2.0. My lefties are so happy and accepting, “ no fraud here!” Then I get more depressed that local radio guy Jason Rantz says Trump lost because of big tech and media bias. No voter fraud though. I guess he has to say that to maintain his spot on Tucker’s show every few days or so. *sigh* 🤦🏼‍♀️

  6. Brad, my hope is as soon as this is resolved, President Trump will fire Barr and replace him with Tom Fitton. He will make it happen. He’s been doing the AG job for four years, now.

    I wouldn’t doubt that he has a list of people and he’s checking it twice. All the naughty ones will be behind bars by New Year’s Eve.

    Oh, please make it happen!

  7. I get the left not caring, they’re all a bunch of satan workers. What pisses me off are the damn Republicans that don’t give a shit, so I guess they’re working for Satan as well.

    It seems the only people who care are Trump voters and a few attorneys. Nobody in any level of LE seems to give a shit either or they’d be locking people up.

    Has that bitch Harris resigned from the Senate yet?

    We all best be planning on how to fight a communist takeover.

  8. The survival of our Republic could come down a ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’-type moment for Trump, similar to when Kennedy presented the photographic evidence of Soviet Missiles in Cuba on national television and announced the naval blockade.

  9. Claudia

    My thoughts are even DJT is still learning how far gone this country is. He certainly needs to be credited for unmasking our enemies. I think he knows there’s only one option, and that’s the nuclear option. Confusing why so many U.S. citizens crave it’s destruction.

  10. The FRAUD is coming out of THEIR ASSES.

    It’s THAT pent up…you would think it’s ready to BLOW?

  11. Guess what’s in my Petey B’s face right now. You got it hater potaters. My unbleached elastic starfish!

  12. President Trump has almost 89 million twitter followers.
    He received only 74 million votes?
    Slow Joe has only 19 million followers and he recieved almost 80 million votes?
    I call BULLSHIT to the highest degree!!!!!

  13. More numbers analysis if anyone is interested:

    From Matt Braynard, former Data Chief and Strategist for Trump for President. Serious look at numbers. No BS.

    Voter Integrity Project: Findings and Conclusions

    ANALYSIS STARTS AT THE 6:54 mark. It’s a 42 min video.

    (First several minutes are thanks and opening notes, what the project was trying to do. This info is already being used in courts and is making a difference.)

    Summary of findings:
    Unreturned absentee
    LawAct and NCOA
    “Dead” Voters
    Residency and Double voting
    Wisconsin Indefinitely Confined
    Georgia and PA Residential Addresses

    Note: Budget and audit coming next week along with white paper, data release


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