The French are experiencing voter’s remorse

Patriot Retort:

Things aren’t going very well for French President Emmanuel Macron.

Macron rose to power on the shoulders of a slobbering, cheerleading press and endorsements from globalist progressives like Angela Merkle and former President Barack Obama.

In fact, in a video endorsement, Obama told the French people

”I have admired the campaign that Emmanuel Macron has run. He has stood up for liberal values, he put forward a vision for the important role that France plays in Europe and around the world. And he is committed to a better future for the French people. He appeals to people’s hopes and not their fears.”

But the one thing Macron didn’t do was put the interests of the French ahead of everything else.  MORE

7 Comments on The French are experiencing voter’s remorse

  1. An Obola endorsement would be enough to keep any reasonable person from supporting Maricon – but the Frogs – well – you know – they’re French, after all – coprophagy, suicide, and surrender …

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Everyone Obama endorses…in fact everything Obama touches…turns into a steamy pile
    of le doggie poopoo.

    At what point do the brilliant Masterminds in Europe realize this and kick Barry’s scrawny arse
    to the curb?

    As for the marshmallow cream filled wannabe Napoleon, Macron…I hear Elba is nice this time
    of year. Your Grandma will love it!

  3. The following is part of an e-mail I received Tuesday from a dear French friend. She doesn’t see this as resolved.

    Don’t know how the French news is both explained and shown to the US people but all is not so easy in France at the moment.

    I can’t accept violence and attacks against the police or the monuments but if so many people are in the streets it’s because some of them can’t make both ends meet . The lowest wages are 1150 euros a month for 37 hours per week ( an average ) . The prices are constantly rising, the income taxes are rising, the purchasing power is falling . There used to be a special tax paid by the richest people, it was suppressed as soon as the president was elected , it was seen as a contemptuous and unfair decision. On the one hand , middle classes are getting poorer and poorer and on the other the rich are getting richer and richer . It may seem normal to an American person but it’s still unbearable here . The governement has decided to postpone some of its late decisions which is not enough , so the situation is not solved and there will be a fourth Saturday of unrest in a row. As usual, social movements are always taken over by extremists and stupid people , that’s the case of the yellow vested mobs . Hope there will not be any more victims next week .


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