The French Seek Our Help To Save Notre Dame


Years of weather and pollution have taken a toll on Paris’ 855-year-old cathedral, Notre Dame. The nave of the great structure is threatened as the limestone buttress that brace the walls are near collapse. France allots 2 million Euros a year for simple repairs, but it is not nearly enough to pay for the restoration work the building so desperately needs. To make up the shortfall, the archdiocese has formed Friends of Notre Dame to seek upwards of 100 million Euros (roughly $125 million U.S.) with most of the donations expected to come from this country.

With the Muslims set to take over France any time now, BFH has given Notre Dame the restoration that it’s likely to have in the very near future, unless France somehow has an epiphany and saves itself.

Let this image serve as a wake up call.







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  1. No way. You surrender monkeys will just give it to the Muslims when they become big and threatening there. You do kinda have a history of such things.

  2. So many things bother me about this story. The top two:

    Socialist France has strict secular laws that won’t allow the French government to intervene (not that they have the money anyway), but the IRS has given Friends of Notre Dame tax exempt status????

    Tea Party groups couldn’t get tax exempt status but the IRS is giving tax exempt status to a group that benefits a landmark in a foreign country gives me heartburn.

  3. I’m in for a C-note. It is truly worth saving; much more inspiring that the Awful Tower, for sure!

  4. the only way to save any of the beautiful cathedrals throughout France, Germany, Belgium, England is to chop ’em up & move ’em to the US for safekeeping, or rebuilding

    Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland have a small chance to save themselves

  5. If only there was a church with billions in assets…hmm…perhaps one with their own country…hmm…where could we look for funding?

    I actually believe in saving the great art and architecture of the Western World as truth and beauty is worth preserving. It kills me however that there is even a question of funding the restoration of this Cathedral when the Vatican has billions available.

  6. Before I clicked on the post to read the rest, my first thought was ‘what, the French haven’t just given it to the moslems yet?’

  7. The Notre Dame cathedral is one of the premier achievements in the blossoming of Western Civilization. A landmark in more than one way. I will make a modest donation.

  8. Little off topic but, anyone see the story where the wild boar enter the mosque in Malaysia? Poor folks have to have experts come in to advise on the proper sanitizing of the place. Made my day! Long live bacon.

  9. It’s hard to relate to people who don’t value their country enough to stop the invasion.
    Meanwhile, the buildings they want to preserve will soon be Mosques.
    Save yourselves and your country first!

  10. Notre Dame is a treasure, a monument to human artistry. That picture is painful to look at, but I’m afraid it’s an accurate prediction of the cathedral’s future. Imagine how the muslims will crow about that.

  11. Dihydrogen monoxide the overall most caustic pollutant given enough time. Plus wind, pressure, and dudes skating a magic rainbow unicorn.

  12. This comes as no surprise to me. Notre Dame has been going downhill ever since
    Ara Parseghian left.

  13. Really. The French need our help spraying the place down with bacon grease? France needs to cut off all welfare to Satan worshiping inbred illiterate Muslims. March their worthless asses straight to the sea. Muslims contribute virtually nothing towards making the world a better place. However, if they cleaned up Hollywood and San Francisco they can claim they earned their keep.

  14. Property owners are usually responsible for its upkeep.
    Does the Roman Church own that property or not ?

  15. I’ve got no dog in this fight. Not French. Not catholic.
    I get that it’s a western civilization preservation thing, but the country of France has a long history of cowardice and capitulation.

    Not playing.

  16. After Quasimodo retired …They were in search of a new Bell

    ringer…hundreds of applicants came through…but none fit

    the bill..

    Then one day an armless Man applied for the Job

    The Church was skeptical…until He flung himself

    at the Bell head first…and it rang in all of it’s glory

    they hired him…and for years he fulfilled his duty ringing

    the bell head first….until one day he missed …and fell to

    his death…The Police asked the church if they knew the man’s


    They said no…But his face rings a bell

  17. I say FUKEM! Let the fukinmuzzies put their minarets on there like FUR recommended and go from there. We’ve saved that eurotrash too many times not let them fight for themselves!

  18. @eternal cracker p:

    Dihydrogen monoxide the overall most caustic pollutant given enough time. Plus wind, pressure, and dudes skating a magic rainbow unicorn.

    And don’t forget that the dihydrogen monoxide provides the vehicle for that awful environmental form of carbonic acid.

  19. Sure, I’ll help. I’ll eat my French fries with ketchup. That’s as far as I’m willing to go.

  20. We need to get rid of dihydrogen monoxide! Can’t we pass a law or something???

    Crowning achievement or not, if this is a Catholic Church, it’s pocket change to them. No offense intended if you’re Catholic, but it’s a bit like Hillary starting a GoFundMe page to pay for a new roof on one of her five mansions.


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