The fruits of disinformation

Patriot Retort:

Disinformation is the buzzword of the moment.

But, as is usually the case, the claims of disinformation are being leveled at the wrong target.

You have members of the House of Representatives badgering cable companies demanding to know why they are permitting Fox News or OAN to be part of their cable package.

Why are their panties in knot over Fox or OAN?


It’s dangerous, don’t you know.

And Democrat members of Congress don’t brook news outlets that peddle in disinformation!!! It must be banned! And since the First Amendment prohibits Congress from limiting free speech or freedom of the press, they are trying to outsource this censorship to cable providers (the same way they outsourced the destruction of Parler).

But it isn’t “disinformation” that upsets these Democrat lawmakers; it’s the fact that there are news outlets that do not toe the Democrat Party line.

Now, you all know that. You don’t need me explaining what this is about.

But I do think we need to talk about the danger of disinformation. Because disinformation is create real, irrevocable harm to the country.

I want you to look at these two charts from Echelon Insights polling that show the top concerns of Americans – broken down by party (hat tip Kristen Soltis Anderson).

Here are the top concerns for Republicans: more

4 Comments on The fruits of disinformation

  1. You really should watch a bit of CBC if you want to see crap that America is still 10 years away from.

    They are primarily funded directly through taxpayer $$$$.
    CBC competes against private media who pay into the CRTC to help fund it through transfers. more $$$$
    They are allowed to sell advertising and thus divert dollars from other media outlets.
    When they have financial problems they get Government federal top ups.
    And every once in a while a massive Turdeau cash injection injection to help maintain “free and unbiased journalism”

    Imagine Congress directly funding CNN with you tax dollars and using the FCC to tax Fox, XiNBC, XiBS, ABXi, 20% to directly give to CNN.

  2. America is on it’s last generation’s wobbly legs.
    We are in a war of the minds and the children are losing.
    If you have kids throw your TV and all connection devices that contain a computer out or if a work requirement lock the puter out when finished. Find them a religious school that actually teaches our true history and no communist cant or sexuality besides boy / girl.
    We make make the sacrifices or we make the gulags.

  3. It’s like the soviets claiming there were saboteurs of socialism. The communists of America are claiming there are saboteurs of ‘democracy.’ ‘Disinformation’ is the sabotage.

    The word ‘Democracy’ is their euphemism for socialism.


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