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The Full Paul Pelosi Video

Weird response to the police showing up. Smiling with a drink in his hand.

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  1. While I wouldn’t wish a hammer attack on anyone, it’s kind of hard to feel sorry for the Pelosis who do everything they can to make sure regular Americans cannot defend themselves.

  2. To me it looks like Depape was after something from Pelosi. Maybe Pauly P didn’t pay him for services rendered?

  3. CNN & MSNBC are NOT showing the vid.
    They are far too busy winding up the black community to instigate some good old fashioned 2020 rioting.
    Inconvenient truth though… the five cops were black.

  4. We are supposed to believe the guy broke in. Really? GTFOH, this is either a lover’s spat or rent boy trying to collect for services rendered.

  5. That was only 1:39 of the FULL video, where is the rest of it?

    I want to know what contemporaneous statements hammer boy made after this. Statements and evidence at the scene would go a long way in determining the motive. Does the rest of the video reveal sex toys present, drugs, cash, or anything that would diminish Pelosi’s stellar reputation?

  6. I’ll forego watching even a part of this. Pelosi plays stupid games, wins stupid prizes. How precious.

  7. Way too calm when he opened the door. Would you be that calm if you were held a hostage by someone with a hammer?
    There is a difference in time stamp between the surveillance video and the police body cam.
    Why did the allege hostage taker allow the alleged hostage to call the police?
    The police do not waltz to the crime scene of an alledged hostage situation and knock the door, they send swat team(s) and no one would be knocking the door. They would bring it down on their way in.
    A lot of things here don’t add up.

  8. pelosi’s response/reaction to be attacked is interesting
    though responding to an attack, he spent part of his energy/awareness on protecting his drink from spilling

    also- did anyone else think of g floyd when they saw the hammered’s knee on the hammered’s back?
    I could consider this is a made video

  9. Gosh, Paul looks terrified!

    My guess it was a “friendly” encounter until the cops showed up, and then Paul claimed it was a break-in, whereupon the “nude activist” got pissed and it was hammer time.

  10. While we are at it, when do we get to see the police body cam of Paul’s car wreck? Maybe DePepe La Pew was his “escort” then, too?

  11. Paul bare footed and is that his underwear?

    They are both smiling and almost look like they are holding hands.

    Pelosi weird.


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