The Fun of Destroying a Country Has Worn Off

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  1. Just words…

    “Hope is not blind optimism. It’s not ignoring the enormity of the task ahead or the roadblocks that stand in our path. It’s not sitting on the sidelines or shirking from a fight. Hope is that thing inside us that insists, despite all evidence to the contrary, that something better awaits us if we have the courage to reach for it, and to work for it, and to fight for it. Hope is the belief that destiny will not be written for us, but by us, by the men and women who are not content to settle for the world as it is, who have the courage to remake the world as it should be.”

    ― Barack Obama

  2. “Hope is not blind optimism. It’s not ignoring the enormity of the task ahead or the roadblocks that stand in our path. It’s not sitting on the sidelines or shirking from a fight. Hope is that thing inside us that insists, despite all evidence to the contrary, that something better awaits us if we have the courage to reach for it, and to work for it, and to fight for it. Hope is the belief that destiny will not be written for us, but by us, by the men and women who are not content to settle for the world as it is, who have the courage to remake the world as it should be.”

    ― Barack Obama

  3. Yes they look pretty pissed off, don’t they. I gotta admit though that I got look like that many years ago when I played golf on Mother’s Day and got home, drunk, at 11pm, or thereabouts.
    That was 40 years ago but I still hear about it. I don’t pity this
    motherfucker in his retirement.

  4. Carona The eye roll? Shit, wait ’till they get to the hut?

    Youmederhduguererere cockfu7884betbitch,modda.cock dothat again to me youcokesser, you trintofickerthatwhitebitch,youninar mothdfucker. don’t you touck me.

  5. For Pete’s sake (whoever he is)! This family is the most privileged in the US, living the most extravagant lifestyle on the tax payers’ mega-millions. The best they can do is walk around with sour puss faces like they just drank bottles of warm pee and ate crap sandwiches?

  6. Well well, there was no round one. I was raised you don’t call women “Cunts”. Especially if they’re 16 or even 17. I can add a bunch more descriptive adjectives you don’t call women. I can’t say I’m disappointed in you because you are a classless piece of shit. I am however disappointed in the amount of contributors here that thought that was just fine. Glug Glug.

  7. If Malia was disgusted with the opulence and contradiction of her Dads’ presidency, she could be quite a powerful conservative. I pray for her.

  8. It’s okay Malaria. We don’t like your parents either.

    OH MY! Right before I went to hit “post comment,” the eldest Manderin came over and said, “Dad! This is for Michelle Obama.” Then he just RIPPED a big juicy fart. LOL!

  9. This has nothing to do with Fur. It’s about personal morality and boundaries and upbringing. You’re no better then them.

  10. “Y’know, the thing about a shark, he’s got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes. When he comes after ya, he doesn’t seem to be livin’ until he bites ya, and those black eyes roll over white, and then – aww, then you hear that terrible high-pitch screamin’, the ocean turns red, and in spite of all the poundin’ and the hollerin’, they all come in and rip ya to pieces.”
    That’s what I see here.

  11. That’s it Brad, go ahead and defend the Obamas.
    Your family could be on fire and they wouldn’t lift a finger to help. Hell they would toss gasoline.
    They consider you dirt.
    Your family and children mean less than dirt to them.
    You are a privileged white useful idiot to them.
    They don’t respect you. They never will.

    What rock have you been living under?
    Is there still room and daylight available?
    Perhaps you should crawl back under where it is warm.

    And what about Barry when he was 17?
    Was he off limits too?
    When the bastard wasn’t high on dope I am certain he was plotting revolution and the destruction of the USA.

    You think I called some innocent kid a cunt?
    No, that is where you are WAY wrong.
    Mark my words, if this country survives she will be around to administer the coup de grâce.

    Classless? HAHAHA! My little finger, you imbecile.

    So to reiterate, that is not an innocent,
    that bitch is evil, she is spawned from evil, vile, filthy scum, …mark my words.

  12. They’re being well-paid by Chicago Central Casting.
    It’s been six years of scale and plenty of perks.
    They’re angry it’s coming to an end next year and they’re going to have to settle for bit parts on TV and Cable shows…
    just like the rest of us, girls.

  13. Anybody seen Bo?
    You think he got left behind during one of their junkets?
    You don’t suppose that puppy is all grown up now and won’t play with the ones who ignored him?
    Maybe O’Baja had a hankering for putting on the dog with his Cherokee friend Lizzy.
    That poor dog and the girls will be in therapy.
    They know what a loser he turned out to be, better than most.

  14. NOT gonna happen.
    Sorry Meerkat, but I said nothing of your children.
    I respect your comments, please respect mine.
    I am a sentient human being and can think for myself.

    You see, this is why Trump is so popular.
    This bullshit equivalence:
    “I have teenagers, therefore he is insulting my family”.

    With all due respect, BULLSHIT!

    It’s the same as the ‘war on women’ crap.
    You insult a woman, therefore you insult me.
    Get a grip.
    Same with the race card.
    For fucks sake, my opinion is indeed mine, take it or leave it.

  15. Daughter tried to make me promise to not teach the “Pull my finger.” joke to my latest granddaughter.
    I couldn’t in all honesty make such an unrealistic promise.
    It’s a tradition!

  16. BigFurHat! A few minutes ago he came over again and said, “Dad. Here comes Barack Obama!” Brap ensued. LOL!

  17. Okay, Loko we disagree, You think the tennagers are fair game. And I agree to some extentent. But lt’s agree that there is an an EXTENT to those girls. And it is on a line.

  18. You have no moral compass. You lack confidence in your flaming throwing argument. You don’t call young or aged women those names. Get a fucking grip. If you don’t have your own set of rules or guidelines to live by you have nothing. You got a big mouth and no guide lines.

  19. Meerkat, you remember when some asshole reporter ACTUALLY MOVED TO ALASKA to report on the Palin family?

    The MSM made a baby WITH DOWN SYNDROME fair game to lampoon and make fun of!
    Where was the outcry?

    SO fuck them all hard with a goddamn baseball bat.
    My conscience is clear.

  20. Sorry. It’s Bad Brad and ME. One of my pet peeves.

    If you remove the Bad Brad part you’d never write….

    “….round two between I …”

    It is ME. ME. Me.

    It is an illiterate affectation that too many people *think* sounds sophisticated. It is ME! ….Lady in Red

  21. Yea, That’s me an Obama suck up. You will never understand my position. We are polar opposites. Thank god.

  22. Loco, does it hurt your intended target? Most likely not. Making fun of the idiots who are trying to destroy our way of life is one thing, but verbally attacking their children because some of their supporters do it to our side, just doesn’t seem like we are any better than they are.

    I don’t mean just making fun of them, of course. Much of our comments have been making fun of her scowling. Even though she is a minor, she is old enough to know that she in the public spotlight. But that doesn’t mean we have to be as crude as they are to us.

    I haven’t read anything in these posts you said as crude as things I’ve read that they have said, it’s just more crude than I am comfortable with. Maybe that’s because I’m a prude. Fine. I just think we compromise our integrity when we follow their lead when it doesn’t accomplish anything.

    I’ll take that back. It does do something – deadens our soul just a little. I know that when I think or say hurtful things about people, I feel bad. The more I do it the less bad I feel. That scares me. I don’t want to be that person.

    However, there ARE things that they do that we should be doing. Part of this website is dedicated to the ridicule of these people who are trying to destroy us. It’s part of turning the Alinsky rules against them. We also need to turn PC against them.

    Anyway, that’s my piece of advice. I don’t want to argue. I know what you have said, now you know what I think. That’s enough for two people who are on the same side.

  23. I can respect that Claudia.
    That is the great thing about this site.
    Don’t ever succumb to PC.

    That said, when someone says “fuck you” to me, or calls me classless, like Brad has done, that fires me up and makes me fire both barrels.

  24. Beauty is said to be skin deep.
    Well with this crew “ugly goes to the bone” no matter how many money, vacations, state dinners and foreign travel..

  25. Loco, you gotta big fucking mouth. Any deragatory statement I sent your way was not with out Spurs stuck in my side. Tell me I’m wrong. Bottom line, I was raised you don’t talk about ANY women that way. Pisses me off.

  26. Brad, I am done arguing with you.
    I don’t come to this site for that.
    I remember in the past you used to fight with everybody.
    Then you cooled off for a long time.

    Now you are being an asshole again.
    You don’t engage in a legitimate argument so you start the name calling.
    I can fire back, and I do.
    It goes nowhere, but can make for a spectacle, I suppose.

    Go ahead, get the last insult in.
    Good night.

  27. Brad! Stop already with the name calling. LBS is a bitch? WTF? The only bitches I am aware of are Hillary, Mooch, and Lois. And Diane, Nancy, and Barbara of course, but really Brad… LBS is not the enemy.

  28. Barry: “What’s wrong with you Malaria, why would you try to jump out of a helicopter at 3,000 feet?”

    Mooch: “Oh meeee, if I don’t don’t get to a toilet real soon …., that crate of burritos is killin my azz!” *Prooonnnttt!*

    Sharia: “Good thing nobody lit a match in there, we wouldn’t have to jump out …”

  29. You guys need to kiss and make up Or go have a beer together. Which is it? Just move on and get these horrid pictures out of your minds.

  30. RINO means nothing anymore. The Republican brand has been tarnished beyond redemption. It’s time for a Conservative political party. The new moniker for RINO’s in LIARS. Liberals in Republican Shadow.

  31. thank you. This elementary principle of English grammar seems to be lost nowadays. Even supposedly “learned and sophisticated” people insist on using I rather than ME.

    I is at the front of the sentence, ME is at the end. Basically.

  32. My issue with the argument is not so much that Loco and Brad disagree, but that in the previous thread Brad went all Glenn Beck on us and basically accused those that disagree with him of racism. Nope. Won’t take it from Beck and won’t take it from other so-called conservatives.

  33. The left will say that picture is photoshopped now until eternity.

    No such luck, lefties. They indeed are that miserable a family.

  34. Yep, families I have known over my years on this earth.
    The more liberal the ‘rents are, the more problematic and unhappy the kids turn out. Yes, I know a broad brush, just going by empirical evidence.
    Seems the kids from a conservative family, even the wild ones, come around to a stable life eventually.
    It’s almost as if being a Prog dooms them to failure as parents.
    Maybe that’s why abortion is so popular amongst Progs?
    Don’t want any kids that you will fail miserably raising.
    It’s a valid point, no?

  35. Brad….I don’t get on this site very often as I am not as witty as most of you….but I can’t help but ask you about your sentence above that says “I was raised you don’t call women “Cunts” “. I’ve looked through every single reply to the article captioned “The Fun of Destroying a Country is Wearing Off” and I can’t find anything that relates to your sentence about not calling women cuts. Would you enlighten me please?
    Best to all of you today.

  36. Yes, the night before there was a post about Malia.
    Brad wrote that the kids should be off limits.
    I disagreed.
    I doubled down on a quote about Benghazi.
    Perhaps I was offended that someone would tell me who I can make fun of.
    I also mentioned how despicable the left treated Sarah Palin and her young child with Down Syndrome.

    Brad must have thin skin because he then attacked me personally.

    For THIS post I joked that BigFurHat was trying to start “round two”.
    I was joking but Brad, true to form, took the bait.
    He again attacked me personally.
    Others took offense, but they didn’t attack me personally.

    My point about people being offended, I have to ask:
    When Trump calls Rosie fat, is he calling ALL women fat? Of course not.

    Malia is a 17 yr old budding Marxist radical.
    She will be a thorn in this country’s side for the next sixty years.
    She is not 2, 8, 12, or disabled.
    I would never attack someone like that.
    Her younger sister seems more normal.
    I guarantee momma bear is raising the next community Sharpton in Malia.

    I guess Brad has never been to Australia?
    In the land Down Under the term ‘cunt’ is bandied about quite frequently, towards men and women.

  37. Wow! That picture should make all the perverts, Marxists, pasty white dickheads and old tribal elders happy. An actual African clan being treated like some kind of retarded royalty! Whoever would have thunk it! The rascally and deadly murderous African tyrants and dictators never could buy, bully or coerce this level of Obama’s supreme style of living and adulation (they must be both furious and jealous). Limo’s to helicopters to luxurious airplanes to helicopters and back to limos (and they are still unhappy)!

  38. The part that pisses me off the most is that these people will never ever be held responsible for the damage that they have done to the country let alone how much they have spent on vacations over Obama’s term……..

  39. Loco and Brad…..KNOCK IT OFF.

    The fight is not in here, it’s out there.
    Agree to disagree, shake virtual hands and get back to the real fight.
    Our enemies are not amongst us here.

  40. That’s what always pissed me off about other blogs and comments. Usually it only takes two or three posts until everyone starts insulting everybody for the rest of the thread. I thought we were free from that here.

  41. Right on.

    I understand everyone’s argument. This is the crap the enemy wants. They want us to infight and us doing it without them having to add anonymous trolls to the replies just makes their job easier.

    Please, let it go.

  42. I believe “cunt” is a perfectly useful word. It’s certainly applicablell to anyone in the O family. I use it as a verb frequently; try it sometime.

  43. Yes, I know I have too many letters in “applicable.” What a cunt I am. I think I’ll just go cunt myself.

  44. My experience as well.

    I’ve known some liberal families for many years, and without fail, as the parents get older, the kids slam them in assisted living.

    It’s a payback, really.

  45. If you are not allowed to name call ANY women then just make it a blanket rule and say ‘No namecalling at all’. Why should women be pedestalized above men in 2015? We have pedestalized them for 1500 years and the wheels have fallen off. They no longer merit any pedestalization.

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