The Genius of the Fake News Awards

Patriot Retort: Yesterday evening, President Trump and the RNC unveiled the winners of the Fake News Awards.

Naturally the news media is clutching their pearls and equating this irreverent bit of fun as “just like Stalin!!!”

Yes, because holding Fake News Awards is just like imprisoning or killing journalists.

But we never expect the news media to react in a measured and sane way, now do we?

[ — ]And if you need any proof that the Fake News Awards were a stroke of genius, just check out this tweet from the Washington Post:

7 Comments on The Genius of the Fake News Awards

  1. The “Fakies” should be the replacement for the White House Correspondence Dinner.

    Have a lot of different categories, an M.C. and mock them back. I’d even invite CNN to come and sit in the audience.

  2. That tweet in itself is proof of its success.
    Scott Adams gave Trump an A+ for it, keeping it simple rather than a televised affair and having 10 proven false news items followed by the big ‘Russia collusion’ item which may not have been incontrovertibly proven to be false (yet) but which enjoys the company of the other 10.

  3. This is what Trump is truly a genius at. The typical GOP politician is such a total stiff and weakling. Trump just takes all the dirty tricks the democrat press always uses and turns it right back around on them.

    They say he’s crazy and stupid, and he just replies, “I’m a stable genius.”

    They say he colluded with Russia, and he just says, “No I didn’t. You did.”

    They say he called Haiti a shithole, and he just says, “Dicky Durbin is a liar.”

    This is alpha male privilege at its finest. A guy like Trump may bring a lot of baggage, but he also brings the two traits the typical republican politician sorely lacks: 1. Balls and 2. The ability to get shit done.

    Fuck you democrats. Fuck you and die.

  4. Will someone please tell these twattering heads that if Trump were actually like Stalin, they all would have been rounded up and shot in the back of the head before the break of day on Jan 21, 2017.

    Cause that’s just how Stalin rolled

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