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The Germans Got a Jew

Tucker Carlson reveals how the German government is ultimately responsible for silencing conservative voices in the United States opposed to WEF agenda, and it’s doing so through Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post as a conduit for its operations. – IMC

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  1. Jerry Manderin APRIL 20, 2022 AT 12:16 AM

    Klaus Schwab is a bald Hitler.

    No argument from me.

    And all the lefties you know are the same as the German citizens that went along with the holocaust as it was happening.

  2. It was a foreign intelligence operation designed to silence and intimidate an American citizen. Wait, is that legal?

    The United States government? Attacking Americans? You got a problem with that, patriot?

    I didn’t think so. Now, make your foreign overlord a sammich. Before you mince off, and vote.

  3. ^^^^^^^……..

    You’ll have to come up with……

    some serious cash to……

    buy the rePUBLIcant’s back to the conservative side…..

    It’s all about the grift and their money.

  4. … meanwhile (speaking of propoganda), Newsmax spends it’s time attacking Fox News and Tucker Carlson

  5. Sorta off topic but not really….

    I’m all agitated last night so I start reading history. WW2. White dude, it’s what we do.

    Anyway, one of my favorite sayings is “do something for long enough and something interesting is bound to happen”. Even with history.

    Remember the nazis had this ‘final solution’ meeting? A.K.A. the Wansee conference wherein the ultimate fate of the Jews was decided? It was January 1942. That was when the whole death camp deal kicked into overdrive. But why?

    Check this out. Hitler and his fags had this elaborate plan to ship all the Jews out of of Yurrup. Nutty….but not as nutty as killing them all. The plan was to ship them all to Madagascar. This way they could have a Jew free Yurrup while not ruffling international feathers too much.

    But how to do it? Well, the way they had it planned was to use the Suez canal. In north Africa. General Montgomery of the British army declined them access to the canal because they were using it for oil and supplies and thus the North African campaign was born.

    Gob smacked. Had we put off the North African invasion by a year… It’s entirely possible millions of Jews and other undesirables could have been cooling their heels in Madagascar instead of being killed in Yurrup. Because the Wansee conference was the direct result of the nazis original plan of forced migration was being stymied.

    Ho-lee dog biscuits.

    Never taught us that at schoo.

  6. Springtime for Bezos and Germany
    Winter for Libs of Tik Tok
    Springtime for Bezos and Germany
    Cmon Germans go into your dox
    I vas born in Karlruhe
    Unt zat is why I dox ze Jew
    Dont be Trumpers, be a smarty
    Come and join the Doxxing Party


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