The Go Fund Me that made me laugh

I’m not going to divulge which readers sent this in because if there is any wrath I will take it.

This is an actual GoFundMe posting.

Hey, comedians say that they have the license to be “edgy.” We’re all comedians now.

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  1. Do it, please fund it, do it!
    A Beanie Copter getting stuck in that Knapp would put him and all of us out of misery…

  2. ….is it any wonder I love my wife? She’s beautiful, intelligent, shoots more accurately than me, and makes some REALLY good ponts when I send her sillies like this.

    In a text exchange:

    “…THIS is a worthy GoFundMe cause…

    The Go Fund Me that made me laugh – IOTW Report

    “Well…really Not all that funny . He might not get to fly in fog much since he has no where to be”
    -Lady Supernightshade.

    …I thank God every day for my wife, all that and a sense of humor TOO?

    And she’s RIGHT!

    …thank you, Lord, thank you!

  3. O/T but the MSM has reported that the chopper was lacking a device to notify the pilot of proximity to the ground etc. If the chopper was IFR rated it had the required instrumentation. In the list of avionics it is noted that this model was equipped with a Honeywell ground proximity warning system.

    PS the GoFundMe was really funny.

  4. I don’t mind taking the heat for being one of the submitters. It’s a tasteless joke, which are my favorites.

  5. Why buy him a new helicopter, just give him the parts from the one that crashed and his wealthy shoe sponsor can make it whole and ready to fly again like it once did!

  6. Better yet, have his chinese shoe slaves build him a new one with the optional Coronavirus proximity warning system, guaranteed to keep him safe.

  7. “Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?
    My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends.”

    Sigh. I hope it’s not a fake. He deserves more ridicule.

  8. At this rate he’s scheduled for a one way ticket to Hell. An ironic expedient exit would only be justified.

  9. @Anon

    He could fly it himself as badly as Stevie Wonder.

    I mean, could he ever find his receivers while QB’ing in the NFL?


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