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  1. Asthma cigarettes. They really knew how to keep their customers coming back for more.

    Adult: How old are you son?

    Kid puffing on Asthma Cig: 6

    Adult: OK. Keep smoking. I thought you were too young for a minute there.


    Sabrina moonlights as a glass cutter. Being an eye-poker-out-er is just a hobby of hers.

  2. “But I gained 10 lbs and …”

    WHERE? Sometimes people gain weight in their face, neck and stomach areas only. lol

  3. My wife wouldn’t have noticed if I looked. She was too busy ogling women herself.

    Btw, did I mention we divorced?

  4. I wonder if the patent is still pending on the ‘Dial-Eze’. This invention really gained the dialer some time in phone numbers with ‘0’s.

  5. My wife didn’t have a dial on her phone you just pick it up and ask the operator
    to get your party or dial an outside line.

  6. I was a pipe cutter and threader at the gas company. Used all Rigid tools.
    I didn’t lay pipe I just got it ready to lay.

  7. remember those little bottle-stoppers w/ all the little holes in the top? you’d insert ’em in an empty coke bottle filled w/ water to sprinkle on clothes that you ironed?

    remember spoolies? drive-in hamburger joints? (Mighty Mo’s anyone?), drive-in movies?, roller-rinks?, ‘moon equipped’?, STP? ‘fanner-forty-five cap guns? strap-on roller skates (better know as ‘death-on-steel wheels’ … the orthodontist’s best friend)? ‘Kookie, lend me your comb’? Davy Crockett caps? Baseball cards in the spokes of your Sting Ray? penny loafers? running boards? rumble seats? Big Daddy Ed Roth? Brylcreem? Speedy Alca-Seltzer? ice boxes? hand-churning the ice cream? soda fountains? two-toned Bucks? Hot Shoppes? clothes lines? beating rugs? Mr. Machine? Tinker Toys? Erector sets? Marx Civil War Battle sets? Lionel trains? Mr. Frosty? Twi-Night double-headers? …. & the height of luxury was a portable fan in the upstairs hallway window to pull the air from your open bedroom window over your sweat-soaked sheets
    ..of course, my dad told me…all this was before my time 😉

  8. …oh …. & I loved all the Rigid Tool calendars we got to hang up in the construction trailers back in the day … still have a Miss July 1989 coffee cup

  9. “I miss those old phones. There have been few things as satisfying as slamming that handset down. ”

    Sometimes several times – just to make sure. Occasionally ending up with ripping the phone, or the line, off the wall.

    Man, they could take some abuse back then.

  10. I shouldnt’ve have put my Sandy Coufax bsseball cards in the spokes of my Schwinn Stingray. I can also still remember my wife and I’s first phone # from 39 years ago although we did have a touchtone phone on the kitchen wall. But my folks still had their rotary phone into the 80’s.

  11. OK I know it’s Sandy Koufax, I was smart enough to not put Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays and other baseball superstars into the spokes just to make that cool clacking sound. My son and I have at least a few Ken Griffey Jr. Seattle Mariners rookie baseball cards which we’re not giving up.

  12. Oh, the old phones! Eventually one of us kids figured out you could take off the mouthpiece cover and extract the thingamabob that transmitted your voice. Having done that, a friend was instructed to call the house and we all tried to act nonchalant while mom or dad yelled louder and louder into the phone, not being heard. Funnier than an armpit fart! Today, with cell phones, we just accept that wireless communication is inherently flawed. Western Electric worked every time — unless you had teen-aged kids 🙂

  13. Does anyone else remember that you could pick up the receiver, dial your own number, quickly put the receiver back and your phone would ring? Another great joke to play on dad! (Hey, we lived the rural life! Not much going on sometimes.)

  14. I married my high school sweetheart and she weighted 116 pounds on our wedding day. She gained ten pounds, then another ten pounds and so on and so on. Twenty years later, she tipped the scales at 255 pounds. She filed for divorce saying she needed to find herself. It’s a crazy world we live in.

  15. AA – that was the was to ring the upstairs extension, early form of ‘intercom’.
    Of, course, the upstairs extension was ‘legal’ 😉

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