The Good Shepherd by BFH – auction ends at midnight – IOTW Report

The Good Shepherd by BFH – auction ends at midnight

I painted this for Easter.

11×14. Acrylic on canvas.

Is there a good home for the good shepherd?

The original may be purchased, but I think I may make cards and prints.

I’ll leave if for sale until 11:59 PM January, 31st.

Post in comments what you’d like to pay. Highest gets it.

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  1. Lovely! Just right for Easter.

    Please do make cards–I will buy several boxes. Suggested wording:

    “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me…” [John 10: 27]


    “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: and I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.” [John 10: 27-28]

  2. More artists should paint on the other side of the canvas. It’s a good idea. You get 2 paintings for the price of one.

    OR….you could paint one of those Mad fold outs where you have to fold the picture for it to reveal the secret message.

    I guess that would be kinda tough on the frame though.

    Maybe just paint on the edge of the canvas. With like…a really small brush.

  3. Hey there, Anonanazi. You behave.

    Now I know what you’re all thinking, “Hey Burr, rip this guy a new one.”

    But I was thinkin’. “Sure, this Anonanazi character might endorse national socialism, one of the worst forms of government known to man. I mean, it’s gotta’ be in the top 10,right?”

    And yes, this Anonanazi guy endorses the wholesale slaughter of untold millions of Jews.

    Sure, this Anonanazi fella might even have a picture of old Adolf himself, hanging over his bed.

    It sounds pretty bad, almost irredeemable.

    But it’s not like he’s a Holocaust denier.

  4. Burr, full of questions JANUARY 30, 2022 AT 7:43 PM
    “Is it reversible?”

    Burr, giant capitol F in art. JANUARY 30, 2022 AT 7:50 PM
    “More artists should paint on the other side of the canvas. It’s a good idea. You get 2 paintings for the price of one.”

    …you think you’re being funny, but…

    …one thing I did for our 10 year marriage anniversary (we’ve been married for 25 years so this goes back a little) was take her to meet Thomas Kinkade. She was a fan and we had a few lithographs (there was an actual Kinkade store not far from where I worked, so it was kind of an expensive, but “easy”, button for birthdays/anniversaries when the idea well was dry, and she liked his Christian works and his “Country Cottage” type works particularly, because at the time we were living behind a bar and I wasn’t Christian, so I guess she pined for both), and he was making an appearance/grip and grin/signing thing (for a price) up the highway in Rich People John Boehner The Weeper country, so I thought it would be a treat for her to meet him and signed us up.

    For the uninformed, Thomas Kinkade specialized in a “Mass” type of art, where he would do a painting, have lithographs made, but would color the lithographs later so they all looked like original canvas paintings which they were not. They were limited run though, so while there might be 100s of them, they weren’t infinite, so they have and keep SOME value, and while you can argue if mass produced art is garbage or not, they WERE pretty pictures and as I said the wife liked them, so they were of value to ME for THAT.

    Anyway, at the time, before his divorce, he was known to be a strong proponent of marriage (I know, right?) and even included his wife Nanette’s first initial “N” hidden multiple times in his paintings, with a number next to his signature indicating how many times it was hidden in the image so you could have some fun looking for it. This image, whether it was real or not at the time, was one he liked to keep, so that probably played into what happened next.

    It was a large room full of Bohener style rich people in an expensive meeting hall so we didn’t fit in real well, local media was there reporting on the event due to the presence of the semi-famous artist and the minor nobility in attendance, and of course he used it for a sales opportunity and as such there were paintings on easels lining the walls for sale. My wife found one she REALLY liked and the price wasn’t hideous, so we purchased it both for itself and because the deal with the grip and grin was that the artist himself would back-sign his art for an added incentive when you met him, and folks buying paintings had priority, so you got to cut in line in front of the petty burghers, so that was fun too. You also got a photo taken with him, which gave me some nice provenance for what happened next.

    He was kind of relaxed and we chatted a bit, and told him it was a 10th wedding anniversary. He kind of lit up at that and turned the painting over to sign it, but then he stopped and started to draw instead, doing us a line drawing of the cottage on the back and signing it specifically in commemoration of our anniversary, writing our names, the occasion, and of course his signature on the back which made it one heck of a keepsake.

    Nice guy, I was sorry to hear he died, no matter what his wife thought of him.

    …anyway, the point is that it IS in fact POSSIBLE for a painting to be reversible.

    The artist just needs to want to do it.

    The painting? I couldn’t find an actual image online quickly, but it was something like this…,f_auto,q_auto,fl_lossy/wp-cms/uploads/2013/11/3020989-poster-1280-kinkade.jpg


    …I do have several BFH originals to go with it, I won’t be adding this one because it’s already out of my range and I’m going to have some off time for my wife’s surgery real soon so we’re watching pennies, but I do recommend his high quality actual paint on canvas painting, and maybe it WOULD be fun if at some time he did a little sketch like that on the backs himself just for fun…

  5. The fudge is this? When have I EVER said I was being funny?

    That’s a hell of an accusation to wake up to.

  6. Burr, I don’t have to take this guff
    JANUARY 31, 2022 AT 6:58 AM

    Now, now AB, comedy is HARD, it was meant as a COMPLIMENT.

    …don’t be so sensitive…

    “Being gloomy is easier than being cheerful. Anybody can say “I’ve got cancer” and get a rise out of a crowd. But how many of us can do five minutes of good stand-up comedy?”
    -P.J. O’Rourke, “All the Trouble in the World”

  7. The actual joke, if any were to had, would have been “National Socialism is one of the worst forms of Govt. known to man….it’s gotta’ be up there in the top ten”

    Followed by, “He may be a total nazi….but at least he’s not a Holocaust denier.”

    I’m just pointing these out for clarification. If I’m gonna’ be subjected to some sort of Spanish…question…thingy… I should at least be burned for the right heresies.

  8. Burr, Icon to bastards
    JANUARY 31, 2022 AT 7:10 AM

    “If I’m gonna’ be subjected to some sort of Spanish…question…thingy… I should at least be burned for the right heresies.”

    Nah. Were I your personal Torquemada for tonight, no burning, the pork smell just confuses me, just a little song and dance instead…

    …or, the updated version, the one that broke BFH…

    …we now return you to your regularly scheduled topic.

  9. CC JANUARY 31, 2022 AT 10:06 AM
    “OR little cartoons on the margins, Burr, like Sergio Aregones did in Mad Magazine.”

    …I suppose if you want to COMMISSION Mr. Hat to do cartoons or reverse painting you can ask him to do it and commission him if he’s willing, but come on here, the man’s got serious skills for evocative paintings that would be underutilized at BEST to be doodling funnies near the frames.

    …but you can ask him, if you like, some folks would use a Rolls Royce to plow turnips I suppose…

  10. Actually, the sheep’s faces appear on the reverse of the painting and the devil is standing behind them, calling after them and trying to tempt them with all sorts of treats.

  11. Just $250? I might have to up the bid so I can give it as a gift. We have a couple of friends that would be so impressed with this.

  12. C’mon Joe, bid higher. This is like pulling teeth. All I know is there’s that poor Hat fellow selling his most prized possessions for some quick cash and you all are hemming and hawing about sheep butts.

    I don’t know why Hat needs the money. Maybe it’s his well known drug habit. I don’t presume to know. It’s non of my business if he’s actually trying to cover some alimony back payments.

    Listen, Hat may have some sort of terrible addiction to porn…or whatever. It’s not our place to question the morality of a man who posts pictures of giant snow penises on his own website.

    I’m not here to justifiably castigate this social outcast.

    I’m just here to show my support for Hat.

    Who may or may not beat small children for pocket change.

  13. I think that Fur has an addiction to eating three squares a day, living indoors and paying for a little thing called a website and it’s upkeep.

    SNS, your lovely story reminds me of a precious friend I had. She was a wonderful artist, Catherine Grunewald, who would sign her prints with a note to me, pencil draw an animal, a special one if it was in the drawing, or my cat if there was a cat in the drawing. That made the print one-of-a-kind. She was such a sweet lady.

    But, back to Fur’s painting … it’s so stunning. I’m tempted, but have something terribly expensive coming up, so I have to pass. I do have three precious paintings of his; Asher, Ivan, and Zoe; my thee fur-babies.

    And, joe6pac is correct – they are so much more than you see as a picture on the website!

  14. Sorry Claudia, I forgot Hats legal expenses resulting from that whole human trafficking for organs deal got super pricey.

    PEOPLE! The man has legal fees. Hep’ out a fellow artist.

  15. Now that the bidding is over. . .

    No breed of sheep has upright, pointy ears like a wolf.

    The Border Leicester of British origins has upright ears that are rounded at the top like a mule.

    What was your message with this one, Fur?

  16. The message was the dude needed money.

    Money for……. :runs finger down list:

    Looks like crack this week.

  17. What was your message with this one, Fur?>>>
    There is a message, yes. There always is.
    The message is for you to contemplate, to have elements that challenge.
    In my art, I want the overall visual to comfort, warm, and be soft. And I want the elements to challenge that a bit, at times.

  18. Did you see my Snow White joke?

    I can’t tell if it’s offensive towards Mexicans or midgets.

  19. Dude…….

    You do all the upselling BEFORE you sell the painting.

    Let me sell the next one for ya’.

    Now, about that racist Snow White joke….

  20. Burr, gallery floorsweep: The Snow White joke didn’t work. It should have been Little Bopeep oriented. Ya know sheep and shit and NOT Midgets…

  21. Hey now….Deli Farmer…fella’.

    I never once used the word midget anywhere. In fact….in fact what I said was….”lil’ fellas'”.

    Now I said that because I was trying to be sensitive. Plus, fucking midgets hate it when you call them that.

    Ya’ know….now that I think about it….. the problem with the joke might not have had anything to do with those lil’ fellas. You know, the fucking midgets.

    No, I think the problem was when I said… I think what I said was….

    “I get the casting of a Latina in the Snow White role.”

    “Cuz’ in the fairy tale, she pretty fuckin’ lazy so this makes more sense now”

    See, there’s no lil’ fellers in there at all.

    By which I mean I hardly mentioned fuckin’ midgets.

  22. Snow White and the Seven Midgets is just a thing. They’re connected at the hip or maybe connected at the hip and eyebrow. Little Bopeep and sheep are a duo just like Martin and Lewis, Joan and the arc, Moses and the holy grail…

  23. Geez, so much shit going on in this thread – an auction, two commenters crushing on each other (sadly, both dudes), BFH’s extremely odd habits, sheep with pointy ears, the absolute kindness of Ann Nynomous and the lucky recipient of a great piece of art, Claudia. Only on this site. lol

  24. What if they make him one giant fat ass dude with 7 different personalities?

    He’d have to work super hard to clean up after Wilhelmina,right?
    Cuz’ she’s like………..lazy.

    Anyway, he loses the weight and she falls for him instead of the fabulously wealthy and devastatingly handsome fella’ with the noble father.

    Seems damn PC to me.

  25. Fur — All those sheep have ears that point away from their heads, not straight up. But I do take your point. I don’t suppose you’ve got a history of being around many sheep.

    Me? I said, “Hey, hang on. . .what’s that? Those are wolves in sheep’s clothing! Fur’s trying to tell us that the church has failed! They’ve let the commies infiltrate and now the church is filled with bogus sheep! But Jesus would know that and he’s herding them to hell.

    My interpretation is not warm, calm or soothing.


    Finally, there is a commie behind every tree and under every rock. The world has finally matched my deeply suspicious nature.

  26. AbigailAdams FEBRUARY 1, 2022 AT 11:13 AM

    I seconded that in an e-mail to Mr. Big and then he puts the links above.
    Wrong again, but at least I’m consistent…

  27. …and there’s a sharpshooter up on the ridge, disguised as a skinny tree, ready to take out the whole flock. Not Jesus, just the phony sheep.

  28. I don’t know how much longer I can do this whole “don’t be coy” deal, Hat.

    Some of the jokes I’m telling are like….wildly unpopular.

  29. Ann Nonoymous Prime, I was going to say that you shouldn’t have, but I was talking to a very good friend of mine last week about being humble, so thank you.

    I have the perfect place for it – just as you walk in the door to the living room. I’ll send Fur a picture.

    Hippiecritic, I like what you said about it feeling like the observer is a part of the flock. I’m going to think about that every time I see it.

    Thank you Fur, for your tremendous talent! You know what my interpretation of the ears is? Their ears are perked forward because they are listening to their Master, Guide, Savior and Provider. Who doesn’t want to hear what he has to say!?

    One more thank you, Fur. Thanks for tolerating all us ruffians here! You must feel like a teacher with a class of unruly children! LOL

  30. I don’t know which one of you unruly children are pissing Claudia off….but you should probably cool your jets there….guy….or gal.

    Nah, she probably means a guy. Chicks don’t know any jokes.


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