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The Goodys Come To Town

The Real Mccoys Season 1 Episode 18 The Goodys Come To Town.
h/t Phenry.

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  1. Appalachian folk moving to California…Was that ever really a thing? And now the California folk are heading for the hills. I reckon we’ll get a show or two about that.

  2. I don’t know how I ended up finding that. Some show was coming on with Richard Crenna and I was all like, Richard
    Crenna? Wasn’t he Luke from the Real McCoys?

    Then I went down algore’s amazing internet rabbit hole.

  3. We had chickens about 5 years ago as an experiment and would do again. The last one was a pet “Chicko” who would lay eggs and be out all day, maybe eating a tomato on a hot day. She liked picking raspberries with me and I would yell out Yum Yum and she would come running! So cute! If she didn’t get berries fast enough she would peck my leg, hard enough but not to hurt. Very intuitive she was smart.

  4. Gotta love those character actors – Walter Brennan, Andy Devine, Pat Butrum, Gabby Hayes, the guy who played Pancho on the Cisco Kid, etc. Now though of course, we have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

  5. Oops! Almost forgot to mention Bullwinkle Moose from my hometown of Frostbite, Mn.
    Whatsamatta U is playing Iowa in basketball right now.

  6. Saxindacity, don’t forget Jack Elam. Played lots of bad guys, I suspect mostly because of that crazy eye, but he could play the good guy just as well.

  7. Elvira
    Giddy up, oom poppa, omm poppa, mow mow
    Giddy up, oom poppa, omm poppa, mow mow, heigh-ho Silver, away…

  8. Good goobily goop, I had forgotten all about Grandpa McCoy and the ‘hitch in his get-along’. Pure corn pone.


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