The GOP Finally Has a Fighting General


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  1. Well, Let us see…. In Lincoln’s (and Grant’s) unlawful attack on the Southern States, they would require some semblance of authority…. The fact that Grant was as drunk as I am does not make his approach alright. Yes, Lincoln was successful at keeping the union together but at a terrible expense. Abe was a big government guy (which I abhor). Grant was not evil (though sheridan was), a soldier following orders…… may he enjoy his eternity in Hell.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. @ Crackerbaby – Who fired upon who?

    YOU are the one that said unlawful attack. What does that mean?

    “Beginning at 4:30 a.m. on April 12, the Confederates bombarded the fort from artillery batteries surrounding the harbor”.

    I don’t really give a dam WHY they fired FIRST on a Federal Fort.

    What version of history is taught on the losing side down there?

    You are worried about a Civil War from over 150 years ago?

    Worry or be concerned about what is happening NOW.

  3. Did I fail to mention that I think PDJT is doing the right thing! You GO G….. Dude!
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  4. Aw hell, Genrl’, in da sout they teach em’ that Lincoln was a half breed VooDoo priest hell bent on using the innocent blood sacrifice of southern yout in order to summon his satanic lord and master.

    Kant hardly blame dem lil’ chitlins for holdin a grudge fer so dam long. Dey ain’t know no better.

  5. The Bump Stock ban is killing him with hard core gun people. I think I understand why he did it. A sacrificial lamb sort of thing. But the problem is he relied on the NRA to sell it, and nobody trusts the NRA anymore. He should consult with Don Jr. or throw us a bone. Like Nation Wide Reciprocity.

  6. Nation Wide Reciprocity, I’m all for it. But that is more than throwing us a bone, that’s throwing us the whole damn cow. Or in the case of taking on the muzzies, it’s throwing us the whole frickin pig.

  7. George Will is just a pompous ass.
    Who cares what he says?
    I even kind of agree President Trump goes a tad overboard with his dialogue.
    But his dialogue quite often serves a purpose.
    A good purpose.

  8. I think George Will’s acrylic toupe has let his brain overheat. Take a breather, George, but get back to us in 2023.

  9. Will hates Don almost as much as he hated Ron. the diff, and it is A BIG DIFF, is he feared Ron, as did the leftist Bush/Rove clique. With Karl + GWB backing him Will is open in his attack on Don. With Ron he had to be oblique and nuanced. But his progressive hate was there if you took out your wallet and paid attention!

  10. Romney was the last time Conservatives tried to field a candidate that exemplified “looking presidential.” The media character assassinated him and savaged him just as much as they do Trump. Message received, media. Character doesn’t matter. Winning matters. So this time they went with Trump.


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