The Gorgon Stare: Coming to A City Near You

Let’s say that the U.S. military has figured a way to place cameras onboard long flight drones that can watch every person, ever vehicle, everything that moves over a 4 km x 4km area. What would you think of the same military geniuses running all this data through the best A.I. systems that is capable of not only sorting through all the gathered information and identify suspicious patterns of behavior but monitors the subjects for as long as the watchers assign the system? We’d be talking about a capability close to what was visualized in the 1998 movie “Enemy of the State.”

What if the next stage of this WAMI (Wide Area Motion Imagery — pronounced “Whammy”) system expands the range to 10km x10km by utilizing hundreds of cell phone cameras. The system is capable of not only constant monitoring but can review previous data captured from earlier flights and can track backwards from an incident to discover where a vehicle or individual had been hours, days perhaps weeks before something happened.  Let’s say they are training the A.I. to assess suspect behavior and tasking it with reporting the probability of law-breaking based on what it has already observed. One might say we’ve moved beyond “Enemy of the State” to a “Minority Report” society.

What if authorities have already flown these missions, not over war torn Iraq or Afghanistan, but over cities like Baltimore, St. Louis or Chicago? Author Arthur Holland Michel, “Eye in the Sky: The secret rise of the Gorgon Stare and how it will watch us all” knows and has been discussing this new intrusion into our privacy and the implications for our society at the Cato Institute. The production really gets going at about the 10 minute mark. Watch


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  1. “What if authorities have already flown these missions, not over war torn Iraq or Afghanistan, but over cities like Baltimore, St. Louis or Chicago?”

    Obviously, they have not flown missions over any of these American cities, or if they did fly, they haven’t used the data they collected.

    And in Greece, Gorgon doesn’t stare at you, you stare at Gorgon.

  2. Yup, pre-crime is already here…in many blue states if your 2nd cousin twice removed, a pissy rejected ex-lover, or snowflake neighbor tells a judge you are scary wary…the red flag law goes up and local Mounties come to collect your weapons with a local warrant based on “reasonable cause” whatever that means as a legal standard.

    Dude got waxed by the police when he realized it was a local bench and not a federal warrant and went to take his pistol back.

    Fella never broke a law in his life and now he is dead because he allowed the law to cross his threshold to serve a bogus warrant.

    In the eyes of the blue state law he was already a red flag criminal with no due process rights. You are presumed dangerous just because some pansy “thinks” you’re dangerous.

    By these measurements I would last five minutes in pansy land before some limp wrist would feel threatened by my alpha male vibe.

  3. You might be wrong Thirdtwin. Recall San Bernardino terrorists? I can’t recall the name of the “plane” that traverses a geolocation in circular patterns sweeping up all data below.

  4. Practically every law enforcement office in North America has vehicles equipped with computers connected to a device that can read multiple license plates from hundreds of feet in both directions. If someone is in a vehicle and is wanted for an outstanding warrant or has several DUIs and it’s late at night, all they need is probably cause and the party lights come on. This technology was originally developed by the British to track IRA members traveling in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. They could track any vehicle anywhere it went and knew who was connected with every stop along the way. It took years to develop, but it made things very difficult for outlaws on the run.


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