The Great Blight Hope

She’s young, hetero-normal and isn’t accused or convicted of any crimes. The democrats are not giving up on Georgia and believe they have the perfect candidate to knock off sitting Republican Governor Nathan Deal, State House Minority Chair Stacey Evans.

Evans comes with a compelling backstory of poverty, growing up in an unstable family and a rise above circumstances (thanks to a free ride in college courtesy of a state scholarship program) all encapsulated in a political ad “16 Homes.”


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  1. her family owned 16 houses? …. wow! …. that’s more than John Kerrey … (who served in Viet Nam)

  2. …next thing you know she’ll come out with, “I was born a poor, black child … ”
    “I had to walk 5 miles to school, uphill … both ways, in 3′ of snow … every day, & milk the cows, slop the hogs, feed the chickens, diaper the babies … ”
    “we had no indoor plumbing, & couldn’t afford the boards for outhouses, so I had to dig the family latrine at every home we owned”

    … sorry, I heard this story, same as Jimma Carter’s ‘Hope In One Hand, Shit In The Other’ bullcrap autobiography

  3. So basically she;s qualified to run for Governor because at 16 years old her mother couldn’t keep her legs closed? Do I have that right?

  4. Flash, whatever people tell PC pollsters. a huge chunk of voters just don’t trust females as heads of government and won’t vote for them.
    This includes lots of women voters. This affected Sarah Palin, and contributed to Hilary’s twice-proven unelectability.

    I take one glance at this chick and, sorry, I don’t want her as my doctor or my lawyer or my financial advisor. Female is one strike, and Very Young and Beta-Soft are strikes two and three.
    My own chosen Doctor is female and black so that’s not the problem. I’d vote for Thatcher.
    But Affirmative Action had its chance for 50 years and it’s failed conclusively. No more Obama’s and no more female Iron Man/Thor, either. 😀

  5. It’s the new Dem strategy to peal away the working class and single mothers.

    The counter message to “government has screwed things up and has destroyed your life.”

  6. A Boy from Hope retread.
    As confirmed in the article, Dems only target identity groups. I’ll give her credit tho, she has a slew from which to choose.
    Moved 16 times=Hobos
    Single mother=wide net to include lesbians/gays/trannies
    Abused mother=Muslims, alcoholics, drug addicts
    Free education For via taxpayers=illegals, refugees, minorties.

    Yep, she might be a threat.

  7. Know who else is from a disadvantaged background, and who doesn’t have a college degree? Karen Handel.

    The Dems–and GOPer David Perdue–tried to attack her for that in the election, and it blew back on them bigly. Now, the Dems think that a woman with a similar childhood to Handel is just the ticket to beat Nathan Deal. And once again, they will find out on Election Day that they learned the wrong lessons from the Ossoff debacle.

  8. What I heard…..They lived in 16 houses staying one step ahead of the bill collectors. She was a B average student who probably got some feel good scholarship to go to U of Georgia. OK…Who paid for LAW SCHOOL? She went right from there to the state legislature? Did she ever do anything for her constituents besides have a kid?

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