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  1. I just don’t understand his mentality on this….I have listened to him for years but turned him off when he went on anti-Trump rants….You can’t tell me a lot of these people weren’t holding their noses when pulling the lever for McCain or Romney

  2. I don’t care if I never hear his squeaky assed voice again. Levin is only slightly (emphasis on slightly) less of an idiot than Beck.

  3. What a shame. I used to hold him in high regard until his bull headedness on Trump alienated me. Trump was not even my 4th choice, but the reality is that this country will not survive even 4 years of Clinton.

    I wonder if he’s still friends with Rush and Sean? They used to be pretty tight.

  4. Anthony Weiner wanted that title, but Rush gave it to levin 10 years ago.

    Do this Great One really want clinton, REALLY? I must be missing something. Maybe its her wit, her charm, some underlying message i am not getting. Or is it because he never was conservative, just played one on the radio.

  5. He’s well in my wake-used to be a nighty ritual-for many years. I see lately on the interwebs that he’s taken a more positive stance on Trump.

    Waaaay too fucking late bud.

    I wonder what’s he has to say about a Cruz PAC running anti Trump ads?? One word from Cruz and he could shut that down. Remember early on how Trump shut down the PACs supposedly collecting funds for him? Cruz is a fucking snake. And Levin is an enabler.

    I guess he thinks 8 years of Hillary will be a plus for his ratings.

  6. The trouble with trying to convince #NeverTrumpists that they’re wrong is that their position is based on emotion. Their rejection of Trump is visceral, and so they are immune to logical arguments. The only way to get them to change is to tell them something like, “If you don’t stop boosting Clinton I will super-glue the tip of your tongue to your nose even if it doesn’t reach.”

  7. Even when I listened to him I used to say that I believe that an evening w/him would be sheer misery. He impresses me as boorish a dinner guest as anyone could imagine.

    I found his show to be educational and worth my time and downloaded it every evening so tat i had it to listen to on the way to work, BUT I JUST CAN”T FUCKING TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!! Jesus H Motherfucking Christ Motherfucker, I get it. You are not happy with how your candidate came out in the end. Go put a bucket over your head and keep yammering about a guy who is out of the running if that is what you see as your destiny, but I am so done w/it that I don’t care if I ever hear your voice again.

    I said going in I can go w/Cruise or I can go w/Trump, for different reasons. I preferred Cruise, I can’t stand the sound of the motherfucker’s name today and you are a big part of the reason why.

    Fuck me Kate, I just can’t take another syllable from these Cruise sonsabitches. Thank God the sumnabithc didn’t end up President these motherfuckers would have been even more insufferable.

  8. I equate what Levin and others that oppose Hillary but bash Trump to cutting off your face to spite your face

  9. Mark Levin lost me as a listener sometime in early June. He used to bellow about how we cannot permit Hillary Clinton to become President of the United States and he would do everything he could to stop her. Apparently “everything” stopped short of actually supporting the only viable candidate running against her. All his hifalutin talk about preserving the Republic suddenly rang hollow.

  10. I can’t believe people pay to watch Groucho Marx’s grandmother with a hysterectomy. He sounds like a barking chihuahua when he gets mad.

  11. I’ve said a thousand times I trust no man. But when their voice irritates my eardrums, I don’t even try to listen to them.
    Does this guy ever stop with the bitching and whining?

  12. I stopped listening to him about 7 or 8 months ago.
    A couple of things he does bothers me and added to the Trump stuff- it’s
    overkill. He did say a few positive things about Trump (I heard snipits) but it seemed kind of forced. Oh well, plenty of other “backbenchers” to listen to. lol. Wonder if he considers Rush one of those?

  13. Like we all learned from Cankles, when nothing else makes any sense, FOLLOW THE MONEY$$. That’s the only explanation for continuing like rabid howler monkeys after ‘the fat lady has sung’. Someone bought and paid for Levin, and all the others still supporting hook-nosed Cruz to divide and negate the anti-Clintons side. Rove figures high on that list as the recruiter for Soros, NWO, the GOPers Elite, and their leadership. The Bushes are in that mix as well, up to their gouging saggy eyeballs.
    When you call them out on this, it makes sense. It cannot be ideological differences, because Cankles and her Cartel have no ideologies, just excessive greed and hubris. I am more concerned with the obvious though: is the ‘fix’ in to steal the election nationally by defying the votes, and claiming extraneous hackers “stole” it from Cankles??

  14. Levin and the majority of other talking heads are just like career politicians. It’s not about what they think is best for the country , it’s what’s best for their pockets and ego. If Trump wins and everything runs on track , there is no more controversy or dissent so what would happen to their earned wages when there’s nothing to talk about or shit to stir. Same goes for the MSM. They don’t want anything fixed, they desire the status quo because it represents a job safety and the chance to climb the ladder.

  15. And what exactly would Levin be saying if Cruz had actually won (I know, it takes a big imagination) and Trump’s supporters were as outspoken – #nevercruz? What about if Trump showed up at the convention and pulled what Cruz did? What would he be saying if a couple of disenfranchised Trump supporters were planning to air anti-Cruz commercials in September? And were running a candidate in red states to spoil Cruz’s chances? He’d be saying exactly what Hannity said for Trump. In fact he’d be screaming it three hours a night.

  16. This is all Kabuki theater. These guys all have a long term business plan, apart from their over indulged egos.
    They know exactly what assigned roles they are permitted to play, exactly what is permissible and what is not, and where the red lines are.

    Faux conservatives. Beck, and now Levin, and add any other names you like.

    Their effect is to distract, deflect and confuse the issues–like on-air Concern Trolls.

    This Cruz shtick, I’ve decided, is just a ploy. Pretending against all evidence that they actually believe that Cruz would have been somehow the better candidate, is just a ploy.
    It allows them to pretend to be sincere, gives them a wedge to exploit the divisions among us, and is just a shtick, a mask, a gimmick.

    It’s a very old tactic, and obviously it still works.

    Trump 2016.
    America’s last hope.

  17. I wouldn’t vote for Trump if this country was operating as a true conservative representative republic. But it hasn’t been for decades, so I want Trump, and I want him to do what he says (hint, hint, you RINO’s).

  18. Levin’s a smart guy.
    I’ve never listened to him on radio, but I’ve read a couple of his books.

    I don’t understand his rabid anti-Trump stance – he KNOWS that Clinton will completely destroy the few remaining remnants of the Republic – but that may align with of his view.

    Collapse, chaos, destruction, and a phoenix-like rebirth – or not.

    I just can’t grasp it.

    izlamo delenda est …

  19. TO Tim

    Look at who’s paying his salary.
    THEY call the shots, even for these so-colled
    “independent thinkers.”

    Levin is a PUPPET as much as many out there.

  20. The local used book store, funds the adult literacy program, has a glut of Levin and Beck books. The conservative church lady volunteers told me they started showing up 3 months ago and aren’t moving off the shelves. Anti-Killary books like ‘American Evita are in great demand.
    That goes along with not seeing a single Killary political sign yet a large number of Trump signs. I did see 2 Killary bumper stickers but one was on a Cuyahoga County Prius.

    I would love to see Beck’s and Levin’s financials for the past 3 months.

  21. I always wonder if someone yells to make his point, is he trying to convince me or himself.

    I can’t remember anyone on radio yelling as much as ML. He must be having trouble convincing himself.

  22. The NeverTrumper BS was like a modern day Twilight Zone. So many “conservatives” turned on others, and the primary process, with insults in an effort to manipulate. Why? I suspect they wanted to be in a President Cruz’s inner circle. It sure didn’t have anything to do with logic.

    I won’t forget who called me stupid.

  23. I’m currently in Washington DC. I see Obama -Biden 08 and 12 bumper stickers. But not yet a single Clinton/Kaine sticker.
    Even here in Federal-employee-land, oven only seen one Hilary yard sign.
    Maybe it’s just too soon.

    On the bright side, I was in a suburban DC Walmart and I saw a stereotypic Millenial.
    20-something, overweight, shaved head, tattoos, glazed expression. Meh.
    Then I noticed his T shirt: HILARY FOR PRISON 2016. I told him I liked it. He smiled and said “Yeah, I’m hearing that a lot”.

    So there’s hope.

    Trump 2016.

  24. I’m gonna go against the grain, here:

    Mark Levin does make a good point regarding Trump not talking enough about the Constitution and reducing Big Government. This is important to me as a matter of personal pragmatism.

    By now you all in here should know that I’m not a crowd follower. I like what I like, and I hate what I hate – and I’m not afraid to offend. I’m the guy that has a Gadsden flag, a Confederate flag, and the words “America, what are we offended by today” stuck to my rear truck window. I regularly piss off my friends because I like to offer my opinions on everything. I like to force people to THINK. They don’t necessarily have to agree with me, but you better be able to argue your position if you’re to convince me completely.

    For me, the election is troublesome in many ways. One is that I LOVE what Trump has to say, but I don’t trust him for exactly the same reasons. He really hasn’t said anything I don’t like – which is a red flag. The “too good to be true” phrase comes to mind. On the other hand, Hillary conjures up fantasies of the ballitical nature. This is dangerous because thoughts become actions.

    Here’s the big negative from my prospective:

    “True pragmatic conservatives want our results IMMEDIATELY. This is why we continue to get beaten. We aren’t subtle in our approach. Anger is our way. This is why Trump is popular with many of us. He’s gonna help us “get even”. Sound familiar?

    Liberal Democratic Communists / Progressives / Socialists get their results through the execution of “death by a thousand cuts”. They do things measured and subcutaneously. They use emotion and human nature to effect their results. Yes, it’s slower – but more effective over time (look at California as an example). These destroyers take their time to erode the foundation of the house – then they’ll crash it and rebuild it as they want. They are doing to Texas as we speak.

    If you have ever read the Bible you’ll understand that the predominate truth is that all these things must take place. The true believers are the ones that believe it is God’s will. Faith will be challenged. Some will abandon the faith. I’m weird in that the more evil I see, the stronger my faith in God. Figure that one out.

    How we deal with, and fight the “worldliness” is what will save us, or damn us to eternity.

    …and HELL NO I won’t ever vote for Hillary.

    The bottom line is that I don’t have to like or dislike the talking heads as to whether I will vote so I can “feel good” in my decision one way or another.

    We will all die, and NONE of this will matter in the end. What matters is whether we choose to die on our knees, or on our feet in a pile of hot brass.

    God is watching.

  25. Levin has brought up some valid considerations….. and I have given consideration what he has had to say but for the love of Christ I don’t want to listen to the shame shit minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month and considering the future of this going on year after year – I can’t take another fucking second of it.

    I have gone back and found that he was on a different subject and thought to myself: good he’s moved on, but before long OH FUCK NO! He was just using a fresh topic as a vehicle to segue back into the more of the same

  26. “Mark Levin does make a good point regarding Trump not talking enough about the Constitution and reducing Big Government. ”

    I’ll stop right there. Opposed to Hillary right?

  27. Every asshat “pundit” is overlooking a key element in this race. EXCITEMENT
    Trump’s backers are enthusiastic.
    Hillary’s base is asleep except for her SuperPac – the MEDIA.

  28. Brad,

    Do you think Levin isn’t gonna vote Trump?

    Off topic: Trump meeting with Mexican president is an unnecessary risk. Nieto could have himself surrounded with cartel members in 3 piece suits posing as security and Trumps guys wouldn’t stand a chance. Those fucking assholes are brutal.

    This decision could prove to be very Pollyanna on Trump’s behalf.

  29. “Do you think Levin isn’t gonna vote Trump?”
    I think a lot of these Trump haters will end up voting for Trump. They had a poll on the Right Scoop the other day about how many NeverTrumpers will end up voting Trump. The results were approximately 38% would end up voting for Trump, which I found rather shocking (disclaimer, I saw that poll number early on). I think there’s a lot of these haters that will run their mouths until they privately cast their votes. Let’s hope they do the right thing. But bottom line Trump ran against many and he’s the last one standing. Levin bitching about not enough references to the Constitution is all white noise. Besides that Trumps actions reflect a certain amount of adherence to the Constitution. I’d rather see that then some dumb ass run of the mill politician blabbering about how we need to get back to the constitution because quite frankly we’ve heard enough of that shit. Time for a man of action that is not a politician and is a result driven businessman. I can’t wait.

  30. Mark has decided to commit professional suicide. The best treatment for this POS is turn him off. Call the radio stations that carry his diatribes and commercials to carry someone else. Click him off. So long you Big Dope!

  31. “Levin does make a good point regarding Trump not talking enough about the Constitution and reducing Big Government.” – Tsunami

    And THAT’S a good encapsulation of the problem on the Right:

    Most Trump supporters have HAD IT OUT THE WAZOO with TALK.
    Others (whether GOPe, Cruz supporters, etc) seem to think TALKING about it FOR DECADES is enough. It seems to soothe their Rightwing egos just enough…just like “virtue signalling” does on the Left.

    BUT: to actually GET TO “limited Government” and back closer to “the Constitution, YOU FIRST HAVE TO WIN. A Republican cutting waste, fraud and abuse are realistic ways to GET TO aforementioned goals.

    Yet, like it or not, the REALITY is that the “true, principled Conservative” messengers have SUCKED and FAILED at MAKING THOSE CHANGES.

    Enter Trump.

    A) our best chance right now to GET TO what you SAY you want, and
    B) having Hillary lead for 4 (8?) years would be fatal.

    It’s not TALK anymore.

  32. OTOH – every other word out of Cruz’s mouth was “Constitution,” and look what a lying, globalist, treasonous rat bastard he turned out to be – telling us vulgarians what we wanted to hear while planning something completely different.

  33. “Do you think Levin isn’t gonna vote Trump?” – Tsunami

    I wouldn’t believe Levin if he said he did.
    So, no way to tell.

    He likes his salary, and CLEARLY those who pay it
    have made clear to him “where he stands” on such issues.

  34. p.s. regarding “TALK”

    “Build that danged wall!”

    Different player (mcCain), SAME results: NO CHANGE.

  35. I’ve thought he was out of touch with people not living in urban areas along the east coast ever since I first heard his program, and he’s just getting more out of touch each passing day. He’s a smart guy in many regards, but he’s obtuse and dismissive. He’s way too emotional and unhinged for my taste, so I tuned him out some time ago. I don’t need to hear some blowhard sniveling. I hate sniveling.

  36. TO JDHasty

    Fair enough to point out if someone screws up (Hannity endorsing Hatch), but it’s another matter when you’re talking about a PATTERN of behavior (moreso telling with Levin).

  37. TO BillyF

    I see it more like “self-deportation” (i.e. making it hard for illegals to make a living in the USA, so they choose to leave):

    these GOPe folks SELF-expose their allegiances, thanks to Trump.

  38. Respectfully Mr. Levin, the Primary just handed you some lemons.
    You should make lemonade, not gripe about how sour they are.
    You’re better than that.
    Grow the Bloody Hell Up.

  39. Hillary will finish what Obama started, ruin America! Trump is evolving, growing and changing yes and what kind of president will he be? Better than Hillary!

  40. Here is a clip of Glen Beck reading the Gods of the Copybook Headings and he does it better than anyone…. but the guy is totally unhinged. I wouldn’t trust him for a second. Mark Levin much the same.

  41. NOTE to Tsunami:

    When I referred to people who think “talking about XYZ is enough” I was nor – repeat, NOT – referring to YOU. Just to clarify, to avoid any misunderstanding.

  42. Sadly, along with Beck, ML is on Sirius Patriot 125.

    I go to the 60’s -90’s music channels in their time slots.

  43. Gave Levin much credence in the past as he and Sean were good pals and Hannity seemed to revere him…not that I’m some huge Hannity fan – but I like the guy and I think he’s genuine. Any way, I could only listen to Levin for so long. There’s no even keel with that guy, it was always loudness and high emotion. I wanted to like listening to him, because fellow conservative friends did – but I just never could quite get there.

  44. Downtown Portland Oregon, both sides of the river I only saw one yard sign for Hellary so far, and this is prog paradise.

  45. Cruz lost by 13%. If we Cruz supporters couldn’t get our guy nominated, how the hell can we cause TRUMP!, The Greatest Republican Who Ever Lived to lose?

  46. Many years ago I remember taking a party out on my boat on a fishing trip and I caught one of the passengers changing stations on my radio. When I asked WTF he was doing he said he was looking for …some talk radio station. I very politely told him to get fucked! RADIOS are for rock n’ roll….If I wanted to listen to talk, I would have stayed home and listened to my wife!

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