The Green New Deal Threatens to Derail Colorado’s Economy


Oil and gas rigs have been popping up all across Colorado in recent years, as have jobs working the rigs.

Colorado’s total oil production is valued at more than $9.9 billion for 2018—an estimated 62 percent higher than 2017, according to the University of Colorado Boulder’s most recent study of the state’s economy. The value of the state’s natural gas production in 2018 was estimated at $5.3 billion.

Employment in the Colorado oil and gas industry has grown by more than 23 percent since 2016, now accounting for around 25,700 jobs. This year it is expected to grow another 4.8 percent.

But now, the Green New Deal, proposed Thursday by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA), is threatening the state’s energy boom. The plan calls for the U.S. to completely abandon the use of fossil fuels over the next ten years.

That would not just derail Colorado’s natural resource and mining sector but also the many businesses and jobs that have grown up to serve the energy boom. more here

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  1. FTA ‘completely abandon the use of fossil fuels.’ Alrighty then, AOC and Senator Markey: Start with you! No more fuel for your cars. You may no longer purchase anything, including food, if it was delivered to the store via oil derived fuels. No more driving on roads paved with asphalt. No more consuming anything that used plastic. How bout them apples? Dumb shits.

  2. VDH has a way with words:

    Third-trimester abortion is not normal but virtual infanticide. The New Green Deal is a prescription for disaster. Free college and cancellation of student debt are insults to millions who went to work at 18, did not drift in and out of college, and oppose Pajama Boy culture, and yet are asked to pay for the debts of the more advantaged. Medicare for all is Medicare for no one, and the pathway to managed and rationed care and worse to come. Wealth taxes and higher income and estate taxes will inevitably, despite the rhetoric, fall on the upper middle-class, given that billionaires are mostly on the side of the Left and find exemptions. Abolishing ICE and open borders mean the end of U.S. sovereignty.
    These new progressive agendas are frightening and we must say “they shall not pass.”
    Victor Hanson

  3. This might come as a shock, or not. AOC has formed a low IQ survival club. This most recent group has those poor pastards in the 50 to 75 range. Apologies to real people with this condition.
    It is an honor to be preceeded by VDH.

  4. “Across the United States, the Green New Deal could threaten such extreme economic disruption that it could put into play states once considered safe for Democrats.”

    Keep pushing, Dems, keep pushing.

  5. Yet so many big businesses give large sums of money to the democrats. Are they as ignorant as AOC? Don’t they know what socialism does?

  6. @Walpurgis – consider our education systems rewriting of history. Fortunately I was in the system when they still hadn’t revised it completely yet so I understand how socialism/communism works. When the socialists/communists get there grip on things and begin the purge the elites that are embracing this nonsense will be the first to go. I’m just a lowly peasant that works with his hands so I’m probably good for awhile. (Or at least until they find my posts here)

  7. Colorado is currently under fulll assault by Polis and a dem run congress along with a newly elected dem sec of state and AG. They already have way more in store for CO along with the green deal. Hoping residents are too stoned to care. Took our tax dollars and gladly vacated the state as I suspect others will do as dem socialist policies start dragging down the economy and the Marxist regime makes sure no individual freedoms are left.

  8. The entire reason there is a federal system of States is because a country our size can’t be held together without regional governments. Their plan would destroy that, fracture the country beyond any normal political repair, rip it apart into new countries, and lead to wars on our continent over territory and intervene squabbles unimaginable to any modern mind.

    It will lead to all the worst that happened in the ancient world that the new world was to leave behind.

    That’s where the Left is going if not stopped.

  9. Third-trimester abortion is not normal.
    Normal? Not until we make 2nd term election not normal.
    Much rather see a not-breathing politician that hasbreathing determined right that human existence is more important that they deserve to make a vote upon, breathing or living for over another human being.

  10. In May, Colorado votes on whether to allow psilocybin mushrooms on the general ballot.

    That’s just great….a bunch of stoned, hallucinating zombies populating that state.

  11. “Doesn’t it stand to reason that given free reign, liberalism will extinguish it’s own flame??”

    Yes, eventually. But at what cost?

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