The Guardian Accuses President Trump of “Manspreading”


During the newspaper’s live coverage of the meeting, the Guardian’s Lauren Aratani wrote, “Trump is in the Oval Office, talking to the press alongside Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán. They’re both man-spreading on a pair of yellow leather chairs.”

For those of you who have somehow avoided the contrived controversy over “manspreading,” it’s a pejorative term used by social justice activists to describe men sitting down with their legs spread apart. More

22 Comments on The Guardian Accuses President Trump of “Manspreading”

  1. They hate his hair, his eyes, his wife, his children, his business, his friends and the people who voted for him. Eff them. They are the problem. Not our President. They need to dry up and go rot.

  2. Hmm. Now that I think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture or vid of POTUS Trump sitting with his legs crossed.

  3. If you earned the right by election to be
    the most powerful man in the world sitting
    in the Oval Office, “manspreading” is your
    natural sitting position to show to all of
    the limpwrist newsies.

  4. He’s just thinking of the children and keeping all those boys and girls at the correct temperature for their own good.

  5. Phil, they tuck it and tape it so no one will accuse them of toxic masculinity–or any masculinity.

  6. This story is a more massive airburger than any supposed testicular displacement could possibly explain.

    We have fuckin’ USELESS people writing copy for dissemination. This planet needs an aggressive and very encompassing eugenics program like, yesterday.

  7. The “problem” with manspreading originated that seating on public transportation was taken up by this way of sitting. Who is being denied a public transportation seat by this in the oval office?

    No one.

    Somehow it’s morphed into a no-no at all times. Another way to dump on men.

    The same way everyone is a Nazi now if they don’t like you.

    Liberalism is a mental disease. It needs to eradicated.

  8. Wait. The Guardian? From the UK?

    Eff them and their no-balls country. Not far from rooting for complete Sharia over there.


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