The guy was wearing “hunting socks”


What the heck are hunting socks?

Here’s a “witness” that saw a “redneck” loitering outside the building where Jussie Smollett ran too after he was allegedly assaulted.


The woman — who asked us not to use her name — tells TMZ, she walked out of the building at 12:30 AM Tuesday to take her dogs out and saw the man near the door, pacing between the parking garage and entrance, looking agitated and smoking a cigarette. She says, “He looked out of place.” He was a white man with scruff on his face wearing a blue winter beanie, a blue zip-up sweatshirt with a hood and blue jeans that were too short, exposing “thick, grey hunting socks” with camel-colored dress shoes.

She says she noticed what looked like a rope, or a clothesline, protruding from the bottom of his sweatshirt, made of white and blue material.

She says he was staring at another man about 300 feet away, who was standing near another entrance to the building.

She says she got “creeped out” by the man, and after 5 minutes she retreated back into the building.

The woman says she went to sleep and woke up at 4 AM to go to the gym, and noticed a lot of security. She says the concierge told her Jussie was attacked, and when she told him what she saw, the concierge implored her to call a detective and gave her two phone numbers.


Okay, a couple of things.

This guy was pacing around, agitated, for hours in subzero weather in just a hoodie?

The woman has amazing recall, noticing many minor details, as well as his “hunting socks.” She knows they were “hunting socks” (what the ef are they?) because the guy was a “redneck.” So, of course, he hunts… and MAGA.

She noticed “clothesline” protruding from his sweatshirt, because we all say “clothesline” when we see rope.

Of course, she talked to the concierge at 4am and was told what happened, and then, miraculously, she saw “clothesline.”

She didn’t mention the creepy guy, who spooked her back into the building, to the concierge at 12:30 am. And Jussie didn’t tell this concierge about his assault, either.


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  1. He was smoking, right? It was really cold, right? Maybe he was agitated because he’d rather have been inside where it was warm but couldn’t smoke there, and was pacing to keep from fscking freezing!

    edit: Hunting socks: Bugs chomping on a carrot on one and Elmer with his shotgun on the other.

  2. Hunting socks are the socks you can only find one of and you spend countless hours hunting for the other.

    She’s full of shit. Like she’d know what a hunting sock looked like.

  3. “She says she noticed what looked like a rope, or a clothesline, protruding from the bottom of his sweatshirt…”
    Doesn’t everyone use rope to tie up their jeans?
    (Just askin for Ellie May…)

  4. Brad’s right about the socks. It usually happens at 4:30AM when I am rushing to get dressed in order to get to the duck blind before dawn…

  5. His story is falling apart so he’s recruiting a fellow SJW to bolster his tall tale, that’s more likely, than spotting someone wearing “hunting socks” in arctic weather at midnight.

  6. Hunting socks and “Camel dress shoes” ?.
    OMG It’s a fashion violation of Mythic proportion!

    Reminds me of some Monty Python thing, but I can’t ring the bell.

  7. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit…

    Smell-it, the has-been who never was, got his shit broke by some angry fag.

    There is no redneck — there is no KKK, there is no rope wielding honkey.

    There is, however, a degenerate delusional criminal fag in this story.

  8. Wait! I thought (according to the early news reports) he went to a ‘friend’s’ apartment following the ‘attack’?

    These ‘rednecks’ were hanging out at the FRIEND’S apartment building through half the sub-zero night in hopes this secondary actor from a TV show would happen to show up there??

    Nothing about this story is adding up!


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