The Guy Who Once Sold His Own Driveway Wants To Be Your President

Diogenes’ Middle Finger: We all have known someone like this.  They think they know a lot more than they really do.  And when they talk about how things work, it’s with so much confidence that you figure there must be some genuine smarts behind it.  But in actuality, they are just full of shit.  They manage somehow to stick around a long time, so it’s hard to imagine the person is completely clueless and inept.  But once you start really paying attention to the things they say, you begin to wonder.  What would happen if you put the person in charge of something challenging?

When Joe Biden was vice president, he wasn’t in charge of anything.  When he was in the U.S. Senate, he wasn’t in charge of anything.  And he hasn’t had a job in the private sector in more than 50 years. To find out how Joe handles actual responsibility, we have to look a little deeper. more here

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  1. Is it possible that Poor Joey’s dementia dates back this far? Some forms of Alzheimer’s Disease progress very slowly. Some victims are known to lie about their academic achievements; adopt other politicians’ family histories; lie about who was responsible for automobile accidents; commit adultery with a good friend’s wife; forget about sexually assaulting Tara Reade; and even selling their driveways.

  2. Just like that mansion he bought, joeys brain is open to the stars and the squirrels running around up there prove that he is nuts. What kind of an idiot buys a fixer upper mansion with a wide open roof and doesn’t even bother to check the house before he buys it. And he wants to trust us with running the country, I don’t think so joey. Hopefully the American people on Nov. 3 are as not as stupid as you. I still think joey’s going to be skunked worse than McGovern was against Nixon in 1972.

  3. He’s like a bad used car salesman where all of his cars are Democrat clunkers. Some of them are 50 years old but all of them are ideological rust buckets.

  4. …moron though he may be, he’s figured out ways to make pay him VERY WELL his whole life, AND have power over us.

    …so if he’s an idiot and we WORK to pay HIM to be an idiot, what’s that make US?

  5. Joey’s driveway fiasco is kind of like finding out you have a bad kidney that needs expensive and risky surgery to repair, and selling your other kidney to cover the hospital bills.

  6. Seriously – He had brain cancer surgery TWICE since that fiasco.
    Just think how much of that original pea sized brain still exists?

  7. “Joey’s driveway fiasco is kind of like…”

    Elmer Fudd sawing a circular hole in the floor around him.

    Sylvester sawing off the tree branch he’s sitting on.

    A scene they cut from “The Money Pit” because it was too ridiculous.

  8. Speaking of deals, MJA…

    Who would you rather elect: the guy who wrote “The Art of the Deal”, or the guy who says, “Look, here’s the deal…”

  9. Imagine Joe’s wedding night after his wife explains where babies come from: “Wow, you can put it there too?”

  10. @Thirdtwin:

    Speaking of deals, MJA…

    Who would you rather elect: the guy who wrote “The Art of the Deal”, or the guy who says, “Look, here’s the deal…”

    If you look back a bit to 1992 and 1996, there was a presidential candidate who used that line more than once. H. Ross Perot had views about foreign trade similar to President Trump’s. Perot as President would have been better than either a second term for Bush 1, or Slick Willie who we ended up with. I imagine he’d have been a Trump Lite.

  11. Uncle Al, I had forgotten about that. I think Ross Perot got an early taste of the Uniparty Deep State hostility which Trump faces every day. And while they like to talk about Trump not winning the popular vote, neither did Bill Clinton in 92 and 96, thanks to Perot. I don’t begrudge him running Reform Party either time. Pie charts and all.

  12. We can thank Perot for cutting through the bullshit and happy talk, expressing himself clearly and vividly. Remember, he’s the one who said of NAFTA that “the giant sucking sound” you’ll hear is jobs going to Mexico. And right he was.


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