The Hater’s Quiz

Larry Elder introduces a quiz to test your knowledge and see who was responsible for a number of derogatory quotes towards conservatives and Republicans, some of which reference Nazism and other totalitarian regimes. How many can you guess correctly on Larry’s “Hater’s Quiz”?

7 Comments on The Hater’s Quiz

  1. lying sacks-o-$HIT.
    Hey Clare! It was Kathleen La Blanco &
    mayor Ray Nagin that left the blacks stranded.
    Go see the pix of 100 school buses left to flood.
    All they had to do was get the people to Gonzales
    about 40 minutes away.Both are miserable Demorats.
    Not much “ethnic cleansing”.Most hood ratz went to
    Houston and took up crime where they left off in N.O.

  2. Compare the supposed victims with the “Cajun Navy”, who refused to be victims & helped out.
    I remember seeing dozens of school buses sitting useless in the yard with water pooling around them.
    Did local gov. have a plan to use these resources in an evacuation?
    Survey says ‘NO’.


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