The Hilchurian Candidate

OK, here’s the plot summary. An ambitious presidential candidate sells out her country to the Russians in order to secure her party’s nomination, but it’s not enough. She’s up against a once-in-a-life- time charismatic opponent who doesn’t understand that this time it’s her turn to win, so she goes back to her Russian handlers for the secret weapon that will take out her competition.

Only her Russian controllers give her a tool that ends up blowing up in her face and leading to her own downfall. Sound like a familiar story?


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  1. Oh, yeah and she murders anyone that gets in her way.

    I hope this FBI whistle blower has round the clock security. Otherwise, he might be found on a Rock Creek park bench with two guns shots to the head, which will be ruled a suicide by attempted testimony.

  2. Please tell me the movie ends with the leading woman being hauled off to federal prison in handcuffs, crying her eyes out, begging for another chance at running for President.

  3. I think it goes deeper. I believe Bill was recruited when still in college when he visited Oxford University. It was a favorite recruiting ground for the Soviets. I think he was assigned, as many other sleepers were, to carry on with his career and obtain whatever political position he could and await the call to service. When the cold war ended, I think his control abandoned him to his own devices.

    The real collusion would have come when ex-KGB Putin started blackmailing Hillary once she was in office.

  4. yes but hillary is on tv saying it was all debunked and not one reporter has followed up with “when, and by who” ?

    so it must be true, right ?

    it’s all scripted.

  5. To Anon
    Ooh! now, THAT’S what I call a “plot twist”!
    (It’s also dangerously close to being credible…might be true, who knows?)

  6. To Czar,

    Remember all the British spies recruited by the Soviets, like Kim Philby? All recruited in their teens at Oxford and given exactly the same instructions: obtain government employment and wait till we call you.

    How hard do think it would have been to ensnare poor Bill in a honey trap?

  7. As the DC RINO’s cohesion comes
    apart at the seams and they run
    for the exits; Hillary’s protective, candy colored coating is finally being penetrated and jail looms
    in her future. Coincidence? Hmmm.

  8. Let me see if I understand the argument! The Democraps are now saying that it is perfectly legal and above board to use campaign donations and government money to create false and spurious dossiers to use against their political opponents? Sounds like something that Dan Rather would think up!

  9. I’m anonymous because I don’t trust our government. The Founders debated the Constitution anonymously via the Federalist Papers for much the same reason.

  10. @Anonymous (presumably the last one, not one of the previous thousands before you): Do you think you would be less “anonymous” if you chose an online handle like “Mickey Mouse” or something? Do you think I am not as anonymous as you? Or do you think that somehow the FedGov can pick me out of all the thousands of Vietnam veterans out there? And what if I am not a Vietnam veteran at all, but simply pretending to be one? Who would know otherwise?
    As long as you are “anonymous” I don’t know if I’m talking to the same “anonymous” as I talked to before, so (except in this rare exception for your edification) I will not respond to you or upvote your comments.

    Bottom line: Choose a screen name. Costs nothing. Stupid if you don’t.

    No offense, of course.

  11. I’m another anonymous for the same reasons stated by another anonymous above. Also, I refuse to participate in the Zukerberg Facebook or other soociaized media. I refuse to build up a profile and to have others determine how many friends I have.
    I saw a quote by Sebastian Gorka saying Hillary should be tried for treason and executed. I like the sound of that.

  12. @another Anonymous: I don’t believe you. I think you’re the same anonymous as the previous one, and you’re just trying to convince me otherwise. Or maybe you’re the one from forty-seven posts ago. Either way, I suspect you are secretly a Hillary supporter, regardless of what you say.

    Most “anonymous” posters are, you know.

  13. BS
    I have posted as anonymous for quite some time. I am not the other one.
    I have not, nor ever would vote for a democrat.
    In college, I was too young to vote for Goldwater because the voting age was still 21. First voted for Nixon in 1968. I was stationed in the DC area when Agnew and Nixon resigned, but even then never regretted voting for Nixon instead of Humphrey and McGovern.
    Still will never sign in and set up a screen name to post comments. If a site requires such registration or signing into Facebook or other social network, I will not bother.
    Hopefully, this site will allow tru anonymity. If it no longer does, I will no longer participate.

  14. @Not the other Anonymous:

    In case you haven’t figured it out, I was just being snarky with my Hillary comment, but it’s still aggravating when a post has 2 or 3 “Anonymous” comments and you don’t know if you are hearing from one person or multiple people. Don’t know where you got the idea you have to “set up” a screen name here, either.

    Like SFM916 says, just pick a number. Or run the risk of having your comments lumped in with those of some Liberal who posts here anonymously, too.

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