The Hill Offers Up A List, Then Checks It Twice

Yesterday, “The Hill” put out a list of the 15 top democrats that party insiders favor to run for President in 2020.  The top three potential challengers  are #1 Bernie Sanders, #2 Joe Biden, #3 Elizabeth Warren.


Today there’s a new list with a different ranking of the top contenders. This list is The Hill’s own ranking of Democrats they expect will lead the party in three years:  #1 Elizabeth Warren, #2 Bernie Sanders, #3 Cory Booker,  with Joe Biden falling to ninth.


They had me thinking they had changed the list, but after some close reading of the article I discovered they’re just two sets of sure losers.

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  1. I can hear it already:
    “You may be asking yourself, why aren’t I ahead already by 50 wampum beads?!” – if it’s Warren

    “If you want your house negro, you can keep your house negro!” – if it’s Booker

  2. “A year after a devastating 2016 defeat, Democrats are craving new faces with fresh ideas. Yet many of their leading contenders for the White House in 2020 are politicians who have been around for decades.”

    Understatement of the year.

  3. lyin’ liz at #1.
    she ain’t no Cherokee, and her claiming to be a minority deprived someone with that legitimate claim of gainful employment.
    (don’t forget to archive, folks- stuff tends to disappear when it gains relevance).
    I guess we’ll have 8 years of Trump then.
    And hopefully less than one of sessions.

  4. Da Dumbs are desperate. They need to find somebody with new ideas, nobody has filedl that bill since 1963. The only thing new they have to offer is their affinity with socialism. socialism has failed where ever it has been ried. Communism and socialism were invented by the same man, Karl Marx, in his 1848 work called Das Kapital.

  5. Ok… in 2005 who did you think would run?
    Yeah, that didn’t pan out too well did it?

    So… Kennedy was 43
    Johnson was 55
    Carter 58
    Clinton 46
    The Obamboozler 47

    In 2020
    Warren will be 71
    Bernie will be 79
    Biden will be 78
    Hillary will be in prison (hopefully)

    Hell, even Ronald Reagan was 69 when he too office and they called him old!
    I don’t think even the Rats are stupid enough to pull the trigger on that math with Warren, Biden and especially Sanders!
    Look for something straight outta Left field with these crooks!

  6. The Corey Booker who chose to lived in the crummy part of Newark to be fully aware of what people were dealing with and who personally chased down a robber after becoming mayor of Newark could have been a rock star of a contender. Then he made some bland criticism of Obama and was pilloried for it until he got pressured into that “ hostage video style walk back and toed the far left party line ever since. He coulda been a contenda, but that is all over now.

  7. I think Warren was seated next to us at the sports bar tonight. It might not have been her But definitely a SJW. Knit hat was first clue.

    Mrs Henry kept kicking me under the table. STFU Henry.

    Sometimes Mrs Henry is right.

  8. I’ve got a hundred dollars says it’s going to be somebody nobody’s heard of. Someone with no discernible past but lots of airey talk and a way of speaking that only comes from long hard diligent professional locution leasons.

  9. “You have a bunch of Celine Dions but there’s no Beatles,” said Phil Singer, a Democratic strategist who served as press secretary on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential run…”

    Celine Dion and the Beatles? Blinded by the white, Phil. I think you just swerved into the real problem your party has, and no amount of hot sauce in the purse is going to fix it.

  10. Senator This, Senator That, Senator Some Other.

    The Donkeys might want to note that with the technical exception of SINO Barack Hussein Øbama, the last person to serve as Senator and later become become president was Nixon.

  11. A total leadership vacuum leads to surprises.
    Russia in 1917.
    Weimar Germany.
    The French Revolution, throughout.

    Soros has his own list. I expect he (or his sons) will unveil some surprise Obama 2.0, a another mysterious Lightbringer who can read a TelePrompTer without stammering and rattle off the sophomoric pseudo-literate Hallmark “Deep Thoughts(tm)” the Left always mistakes for intelligence.

  12. BTW – Having some unknown sprung out of Left field on us is all the more reason President Trump needs to unseal the Obamboozler’s records for the American people to see! We cannot over-emphasize the need for that to never happen again!!

  13. If Al Franken would just have a sex change, and become a lesbian, then claim to identify as Black, he’d be a contender. He’s already got the “friend of Hillary” thing going for him.

  14. I’m thinking The Hill put out a new list after realizing that the swamp creatures in the Dem party all wanted to maintain the status quo by favoring a bunch of dinosaurs who might not be around in 2020.

  15. Don’t count them out. Who would have thought an unknown, eloquent speaking negro would come out of nowhere to steal Hitler’s crown?

    I’m saying they’ll go with the photogenic triple-minority Kamala Harris.

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