The Hillary Campaign Trail – “Perpetually late, boring and uninspiring” – IOTW Report

The Hillary Campaign Trail – “Perpetually late, boring and uninspiring”


“I was optimistic hoping she would make it in half an hour late. I think an hour to an hour and 15 minutes is probably realistic. … But if I had a schedule, I wouldn’t be here,” Jacoby added.

Walking out of the event, Zapata, the student who had hoped Clinton would win her over, was less than enthusiastic.

“She could have been better,” she said. “She made us wait over an hour for her. I understand she is on a tight schedule, but she could have at least apologized for being late.”

“It could have just been better,” Zapata said, rushing out to get to her job at Starbucks.



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  1. Not just Hillary.
    Barack Hussein Obama is always late.
    Bill Di Blasio (mayor NYC) is always late.
    Arrogance, poor planning, or both? These people are better than we are–remember that!

  2. On Friday, a woman from FL called Rush and said she was picking up her daughter near a Hillary campaign event that was scheduled to start in 15 minutes and there was no one there.

    Rush asked if she was positive that she was at the right location.

    The woman assured him she was and said the place was dead.

  3. The Hillary Campaign Trail – “Perpetually late, boring and uninspiring”

    ….and comprised of total bullshit that even the dumbest people are beginning to see right through.

  4. It’s like Trump said though. “She may need to win. Otherwise she will be prosecuted.” I wonder if we are so far gone somebody can actually make that happen?

  5. This whole issue revolves around popular opinion. Which means exactly dick.

    If the RNC runs Jeb, which they will, and the DNC runs this bitch, which they will, get ready to say hello to “President Clinton” once again.

    This should prove to people with a scant ounce of brains that the people residing in this nation have fuck all to do with putting an asshole in the executive office.

    Your vote doesn’t matter and it hasn’t for a long damn time.

  6. Hillary presents herself poorly. She’s had all the time in the world to polish her style. And she hasn’t. Hillary doesn’t like a lot of people and doesn’t try to hide it. Figure that she probably hates about 75% of the US population. We should all just F#@% off. I wonder how she’d do sitting across from Putin; wet her pantsuit and cackle?

  7. And Bill said to her, in an attempt to cheer her up: Look hon, Nelson Mandella spent 35 years in jail before he was elected President. There’s still a chance..

    She told him to fuck off, and threw a lamp at him..

  8. is 0bama just toying with her now like a cat playing with a wounded mouse? Just waiting until bored of the game to pounce and make the kill shot?

    Could be stringing her along for fun and games and then move in with an arrest at the right time.

    0bama hates her and he has the justice dept on puppet strings.

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