The Hillary Clinton Experience

Have mercy. Wait until you see this...



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  1. I was playing cards today with my “cookoo’s nest” gang and my friend Val said that he heard that Killary ordered Chelsea to get pregnant so she could parade the baby around during the election year. He’s fucking’ nuts, but he may have a point.

  2. Can’t say LOL any more so is ROTFLMAO ok?
    I have a toned down version of that coat. The flowers are not so abundant. I bought it at the mega ultra very, very, very exclusive Volunteers of America thrift store for $4.99. It appears to have been a coat sold through QVC.
    Now that I’ve seen hideous Hillary in a similar coat mine is going in the donation bag. Hers appears to have been made by Omar the tent maker.

  3. Sounds completely sane to me. Hillary got hers through a turkey baster. It would have taken Bill too much fantasizing to do the deed directly.

  4. She’ll say that she got it in Bosnia, because it has ballistic Kevlar plate-carrier inserts. You know, when she has to download whilst under intense sniper fire, like she did the first time she showed up in Bosnia as “co-president”.

  5. Good Lord! Please! Just STOP!!! Haven’t we been punished enough with 7 years of Mooch-glaringly garish Goodwill Store ‘fashion’?…… we need more?

    A First Lady Melania Trump would add so much needed beauty & fashion in the White House……think about it

  6. This just out: “The NYPD has just posted a bulletin that the musical ‘Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat’ cannot be seen tonight as someone has absconded with the title prop.
    Be on the lookout for a frumpy cackling crone with possible brain damage last seen in the vicinity.”

  7. The chicken bones I just threw in the corner say, soon….at least something that hospitalizes her right before the indictment, but I really do believe she will die soon…she ain’t healthy and you can see it despite the spatula laden make up…

  8. Jeez, maybe she really has delusions about sniper fire. Or maybe she has a colostomy bag under there. I don’t know which, at this point, is worse.

  9. But the worst thing about her look? The bug-up-her-ass-the-size-of-a-stretch-limo scowl. It’s even uglier than the coat.

    Here is a woman out on a stroll with her only child and only grandchild. She should be happy. But all I am reading in that sick, ugly mug is the desperation of a power-obsessed bitch who may very well be starting to grasp that it is all starting to slip away. This is Shakespeare on steroids, people. A most unflattering portrait of a woman so greedy she will manipulate her own flesh and blood to get what she wants.

    BTW, I believe every report of her poor health that I hear. The past year of her life has basically been a Type-A personality temper tantrum. She isn’t up to the stamina of running a year-long campaign, never mind four as Commander-in-Chief. But she is so driven, controlling, and sure of her righteousness that she is willing to kill herself to get the prize. As I remarked in this forum a few days ago, libs are wholly lacking in the self-preservation department.

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