The Hollywood ‘Oscar’ daybed flouncery continues

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AOL: Sir Ian McKellen doesn’t think black people are the only group ignored by Hollywood, and said gay people are also being “disregarded.”

“As a representative of the industry they’re in, it’s receiving complaints which I fully sympathize with,” the 76-year-old actor told Sky News in response to the #OscarsSoWhite backlash. “It’s not only black people who’ve been disregarded by the film industry, it used to be women, it’s certainly gay people to this day. And these are all legitimate complaints and the Oscars are the focus of those complaints, of course.”

More bitching HERE

What a fun game this is. Who got next?

21 Comments on The Hollywood ‘Oscar’ daybed flouncery continues

  1. $20 says Muslims in some form or fashion sweep the Oscars next year. It’ll be the Indians–dots–as the three biggest movie stars in the world are Indians of the Muslim faith.

    Historic firsts for all!!!!

    That or the one-eyed, one horned flying purple people eaters.

  2. It’s darn time the movies industry stopped worrying about making a profit and starts making movies to showcase Africans and Queers and Lena Dunham type ugly people and old dudes and dudresses and politicians and retards (opps same thing) and Muslims and
    Robert Redford and dead farting corpses (oh wait on that one)!

  3. And the Oscar for the best transgender, non-white, left-handed, slightly overweight actor with a foreign sounding name is – Taylor McTavishinski-Johnson!

    “Oh, thank you. I would like to thank the producer, the director, my co-stars, the make-up people, my agent, the costume director, the set designers, the Academy, and of course, both people who actually saw this film. Thanks, mom and dad. Without you, and a lot of liberal guilt and Hollywood idiocy, this would not have been possible.”

    Yep. I would definitely watch an awards show like this.

  4. And the list of movies I WON’T be paying money to see, based on Libtardism, gheyness, black, affirmative action, etc, etc, continues to grow. . . . .

  5. I can think of a few things…

    Skinny Jeans

    Andrew Sullivan



    Pajama Boy

    Safe Spaces

    As a quick short list

  6. Eventually the top Oscar, Nobel Peace Prize, and Hero of the Soviet Union, all combined into one award will go to the transgendered, straight/gay male of Cuban descent converted to Islam with big manbewbs, a Vajaja sewn in where his scrotes were cut out, and rule as the muzzy media darling….. brought to you by WallyWorld, Barky Productions, and DC…

  7. Am I ever glad I don’t waste my money going to the movies, buying People Magazine, renting movies or paying for cable.
    And I’m not missing a damn thing!

  8. It is simply amazing watching the cannibalism over such a self-congratulatory naval-gazing exercise as the Oscars. I really hope they opt for quotas so that everyone’s Oscar in the future will be tainted: “You didn’t really deserve that, honey, they were just filling their quota of your type.”

  9. Just give every member of the SAG (Suck Ass Gulpers … uhh … Screen Actors Guild) a fuckin Oscar, so they’ll Shut The Fuck Up!

    This is tantamount to the Kardashians fighting over who has the fattest ass!


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