The Houston Texans’ Uday Aboushi Publicly Supports Terror Attacks on Israel


DougRoss: NFL football player Oday Aboushi arrived in South Florida this weekend to play against the Miami Dolphins, this time in the uniform of the Houston Texans, as the team he previously played for, the New York Jets, waived him in the offseason. And while the team he plays for may have changed, his actions as an anti-Israel Muslim extremist remain fully intact.

Normally, Sunday is game time for National Football League (NFL) players, but since the Texans’ Week 5 game against the Indianapolis Colts was played on Thursday, October 8th, the upcoming Sunday was an open date. Oday Aboushi, Offensive Lineman for the Texans, used the opening to take to Twitter. What he tweeted would soon become a matter of huge controversy.

On Sunday, October 11th, Aboushi retweeted a tweet that was made the same day by a personal friend of his, Linda Sarsour, the Executive Director of the Arab-American Association of New York. It was a photo of a Palestinian toddler holding a good-sized rock in each hand, walking towards Israeli soldiers. The message Sarsour wrote above the picture, which Aboushi also tweeted, was “The definition of courage. Palestine.”

Sarsour’s post drew the ire of Democrat Councilman of Queens, New York, Rory Lancman. Lancman answered Sarsour’s tweet with one of his own, writing “No, the definition of barbarism.” He then sent a message addressed directly to Sarsour, stating “You must be especially proud of the 13-yr-old Palestinian who stabbed the 13-yr-old Israeli. Barbarism,” and Lancman added a link to the story.  more here

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  1. Let’s get a nationwide boycott of the entire NFL to show solidarity with Israel going and see how quick Uday and his band of morons are permanent free agents!

  2. I wouldn’t worry too much about uday. He’ll be taken care of in due time. Mr. McNair ( Texans owner) has his hands full right now deciding whether to fire all the top brass and coaching staff as the Texans are in full meltdown. Mr. McNair, an avowed Christian, will take care of this clown soon, unless someone in the locker room does it for him.

  3. oday aboushi is a big part of the problem for the houston Texans and representative of the problems obama is forcing on us by taking pedophile, pervert worshiping, islamic terrorist refugees.

  4. Oops – just noticed the IOTWR headline says “Uday”, but the article actually says “Oday”.

    Ah, well… Arab or Irish, they still missed one.


  5. I still appreciated the reference.
    (Q Do the Texans ever throw a player into a woodchipper to ‘motivate’ the others?)

  6. So a NBA team was taken away from a man who asked his girlfriend not to bring black people to the game with her.

    So an NFL muzz advocates terrorism against Jews and the NFL is cool wid dat? And the fans are OK wid dat? And the anti-terrorist FBI special unit is OK wid dat? Has the president invited this guy to the white hut yet?

  7. Goodell is more concerned with the untruth of deflated footballs that two whiny freaking NFL coaches made up.
    Wife beating? 2 games out.
    Supporting terrorists? meh.

  8. I sent a message to the commissioner.

    Abousi is a disgrace to himself and the NFL. As if they needed any more criminals and bad press.

  9. Aw, hell, put him on the list, too.

    I wasn’t aware there were any goat-fornicators in the NFL – pigskins and all that.

    Or do they use Nerf footballs, now?

  10. my Saints are playing the Texans on Sunday Nov 29th. I hope they give this hateful piece of shit a beatdown that he won’t soon forget.

  11. hey, I just remembered! I think some Obama-appointee fuckup from the TSA or DHS or some other alphabet-soup acronym agency is now head of NFL player compliance or some shit like that.

    If that’s the case, NO WONDER this Jihad Jackass can get away with the Jew-hating shit that he’s advocating.

  12. I figure it this way: If your team is so weak that you can’t beat another team just because they slightly underinflated their footballs, you don’t deserve to win.

  13. As a native Texan, this is one time I can sincerely root for the Saints. In fact, beat ’em ALL down, and maybe they’ll think twice about bringing shame on the great State of Texas like this.

    (Removes cowboy hat, holds over heart.)


  14. That was not very hard for me/after Ravens took Obama money for pro-Obamadon’tcare ad, I refused to watch or listen ever. Shame all of you that still refuse to believe what your ears and eyes have been telling you about this Liberal run monstrosity.

  15. May Christ send Uday an angel to inflict a career-ending injury this Sunday.

    In His Name…and the IOTWReporters said, “AMEN!”

  16. VietVet – my fiancee and I are fixing to visit her family in San Antone two months from now. I’m looking forward to sampling the BBQ and the TexMex food that the great state of Texas is justly famous for. num num num

    Thanks for the thumbs-up on my Saints. They sure have been trying my patience these last few years.

  17. That’s OK, the Cowboys and the Texans have been trying ours, too.


    P.S. – Lotsa good food in S.A. Buen provecho!

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