The Ice B!tch Keeps Woman Who Wanted Hug At Arms Length and Tells Her To Sit Down

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27 Comments on The Ice B!tch Keeps Woman Who Wanted Hug At Arms Length and Tells Her To Sit Down

  1. “You smell like shit sit your fat white ass down!”

    Smells like her constituents. Yeah. I gotta agree with the Hildebeast on this one.

  2. I would really like to know who dresses this pig and how defiant she is of advice to WEAR SOMETHING BESIDE A PANTS SUIT. The colors are violent. She looks like a pumpkin. The moo moo dresses and the milky white skin, Chelsea on the beach in a diaper… It’s disgusting.

  3. I’m still trying to get a handle on the depths that one needs to sink to in order to look up to Hillary. A whole room full of people that should be in a program like AA.

  4. So, the million-dollar question: does the woman still support and think as highly of Killary?

    Killary has all the warmth of a cornered viper.

  5. Vipers are cold blooded just like shrillary. Anyone who supports Planned Parenthood and their butchery of unborn children unequivocably like she does is a snake and a viper or worse as far as I am concerned.

  6. Hillary knew that lady was going to hug her and whisper in her ear a message from Cory Booker: I’m jumping into the race!

  7. HRC could have hauled off and punched Ugly right in the face….And the stupid bitch would still vote for her.

  8. Well I rarely agree ( if ever) with her thighness, but I do on this one. I would not let a mentally deranged person hug me and since only someone mentally unstable would risk the frost bite from hugging her, the hugger should be kept at arms length.

  9. She has always abhorred the “pressing the flesh” requirements of campaigning. I feel the same way about hugs & kissy face & all this phony baloney chi-chil-lovey-dovey-wavy gravy crap – I don’t even like the “bro-hug” – shake hands like a man & get it on with it. Years ago I shook hands with Walter Mondale @ the Minnesota State Fair – it was like holding a three day dead fish.

    I once ran into “B1 Bob” Dornan at National getting off a red eye returning to Quantico – I was in uniform – Winter Service Greens – and he came up to me & shook my hand & I was impressed (literally), that a Congresscritter, with no cameras on him, approached me – not even knowing if I was a constituent. I was just a jarhead with a few chevrons & rockers & some chest salad & that was good enough for him.

    This might be the only time in my life I’ve ever agreed w/the Park Ridge Princess.

  10. I bet Rhoda got that fresh curl and dye job just to go see Hillary. She probably also splashed on something from an Avon collectible bottle.

  11. Is that Wonki Goldberg in the lower right? And look at the tard over on the left…”pick me next, pick me next!”

  12. That’s how her security detail spots the crazy ones. Those that attempt to touch her are automatically considered to be crazy! Those who just show up to be physically in her presence are considered to be moderatly unbalanced but probably not overly dangerous to her person!

  13. Shit, this thief and her crooked “husband” have grifted a quarter billion bucks peddling government influence since they left office.

    She could avoid all of this awkward personal interaction with voters and just give helicopter rides like Trump does.

    It ain’t like she hasn’t got the dough.

  14. There has to be hundreds of video’s out there now that show her disdain for the common folks she says she identifies with. Create a 15, 30 and 60 second campaign ad and start playing it with a deep voice over (or use some of her quotes with a running subtitle line) to show how much she dislikes these people, doesn’t even want to come close let alone shake hands or be touched by them and remind the audience how rich she’s gotten since becoming Senator then SecState. Toss a reference about Marie Antoinette then start to play them then sit back, pop open a beer and wait for her to have a stroke..

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