The Idiocy of the Left Continues – SJWs Attack Daughter of BRUCE Jenner For Posting a Picture on Father’s Day

Whatever you want to call BRUCE Jenner, BRUCE fathered children and he is a FATHER to those children.

Now grown up, Kylie Jenner still thinks of Jenner as her FATHER!!!

HE IS!!!!!!

But that doesn’t stop buttinskis who think reality is insulting.

The caption read “so lucky to have you.”

You see, whatever Bruce is going through must be respected. Whatever Kylie is going through must be attacked.

This is the left.

DAILY WIRE has more.


15 Comments on The Idiocy of the Left Continues – SJWs Attack Daughter of BRUCE Jenner For Posting a Picture on Father’s Day

  1. That picture is like a cry for help. Very sad. Start/continue to stock up on ammo. Eventually we will need to rid the world of the left. Could be tomorrow.

  2. Looked like a normal house at one time.
    This family and the media helped change the country into what it has become today. Screw them.
    They are a big part of the left,and a big part of the problem.
    They want us to accept this as the new normal,have children as Man and Wife, then raise them as Wife and Man.
    Change is not always good.

  3. The fact that there are 14 seasons of the Kardashians and only 2 seasons of Carl Sagan’s “The Cosmos” tells you everything you need to know about humanity.

  4. Next thing MSM will be telling us: Jeffrey Dahmer was a hungry guy in a food desert, Ted Bundy was looking for love in all the wrong places, Gacy was a gay clown who loved young boys to death.

  5. Jenner is a product of social conditioning and performance enhancing drugs which affected his body and brain in irreversible ways. Someday, when sanity returns, the biological and social factors inducing gender-change disease will be known and cures and preventives will be invented.

  6. “Whatever you want to call BRUCE Jenner, BRUCE fathered children and he is a FATHER to those children.”

    No he isn’t a father, he is only a sperm donor. If he were a true “father” as our culture has known it for eons, he would not have transformed himself into something he will never be. If I were a recipient of his DNA, I would be humiliated.

  7. This was my Bat-shit Crazy fix of the day!
    Thank you!

    BTW, my favorite picture in circulation is OJ, Bruce Jenner, and Howard Cosell.
    All that was missing was Bill Cosby.


  8. She’s right. He’s her biological father and nothing will change that. Not even surgery.

    And the girls aren’t allowed to keep their own memories without the Progtards chiming in?

    “My dad is my dad, but he’s not there physically anymore. But she lets me call her dad — that’s the last little piece of dad I’ve got,”

    ^^^ That’s just sad. I actually feel bad for her.

  9. So what, they should have photoshopped him in a dress, wig with lipstick and just completely erase the father they once knew? Why do they have to be accepting of his choices anyway? If your father becomes a heroin addict would we say well you know you really should be accepting of his choices.

  10. Bruce doesn’t exist anymore. Caitlyn killed Bruce.

    It would be so much easier for all involved if they actually performed a burial/wake ceremony to honor the life that used to be.

    Think of all the marriages being dissolved and how different the proceedings would be if the wife were to be considered a widow and could produce a death certificate for their former spouse, instead of the current fiasco that is divorce proceedings.

    Also, the “new” person is being born – coming out for the first time. Therefore they leave the marriage with absolutely nothing.
    Just as a newborn comes into the world with nothing.

    Death certificate for Bruce and birth certificate for Caitlyn.

    So many “issues” would automatically take care of themselves.


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