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The Ignored Insurrection

If you sent the videos below to a largely disengaged voter and said look what these MAGA insurrectionists did on Jan 6 they would say, “yes, look at it, it’s disgusting.”

But this is not Jan 6. This is a storm on the white house where protestors vowed to burn it down, many in the crowd saying they would lynch Trump.

Legal Insurrection-

Do you know how many Congressional Democrats (or Republicans for that matter) wailed about our “democracy” on the brink?  Do you know how many of these inauguration rioters were hunted down by the FBI, arrested, beaten and mistreated, and held as political prisoners for over a year?  Do you know how many of them were harboring blueprints of the Capitol building . . . or wait, that was an unconstructed, still boxed, Lego set not a “model” used for terroristic purposes or whatever random lunacy the FBI preened at that time.  If you said zero, you’re right on all counts.


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  1. That would have been one of those times when it would have been worth it to break DC law and bring a gun to the riot to shoot into the PantyFag/#BurnLootMatter crowd (but don’t shoot into the SecServ)

  2. yeah, but it was so bad on 1/6 that AOC was ushered to the underground bunker… oh, wait, that was Trump in 2020. Yeah, but AOC feared for her life and suffered PTSD and cried about 1/6, so that’s worse, right? I mean, people walking between velvet ropes blocks away from AOC is traumatizing, like the devil reincarnated. Show me a democrat and I’ll show you a self described victim.


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