The immigration system Marco Rubio wanted

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WashingtonExaminer- The 2013 Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration reform bill is the signature achievement of Marco Rubio’s four years and ten months in the U.S. Senate. Yet in the first four Republican presidential debates, in which Rubio has played an increasingly prominent role, he has not been asked even once about the specifics of the legislation.

Despite that omission, it seems likely that if Rubio continues to rise in the GOP race, someone, somewhere will pay attention to his most important accomplishment.

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The 1,197-page Gang of Eight bill is so far-reaching, and at the same time so detailed, that it provides a sharp picture of where Rubio would like to take the U.S. immigration system. Rubio has renounced parts of his own work, but it’s not clear which parts, and it’s not clear if he has renounced them for good or only until he determines they are more politically practicable.  MORE

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  1. Americans magnanimously opened up the country to the Cubans, including Rubio’s folks, and now Marco wants to magnanimously open up America to every 3rd world drone, peon, terrorist and welfare crud in the world! What a guy! He would love to be ever so generous with the future of your country, culture and tax dollars!

  2. Amnesty equals permanent Democrat electoral lock for the next century. Imagine nine Ginsburgs, or nine Elizabeth Warrens, on the Supreme Court.

    Rubio knows this, Jeb knows this. They just think you don’t.

  3. For those of you who are Ted Cruz fans check out his impassioned
    video in favor of amnesty at American Thinker today.
    Cruz is no more credible than any GOPe candidate.

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