The incredible shrinking Democratic Party


AmericanThinker: Predictions of doom for the Republican Party are all the rage in the media, but the real story of this election cycle (so far) is the collapse of Democrat turnout.  Some of this is no doubt due to the difficulty in generating enthusiasm after more than 7 years of foreign policy disasters and historically low economic growth under Obama.  Another factor is the sheer unappealing nature of Hillary Clinton.  Bernie Sanders is the sole person in the party capable of generating excitement, playing to the far left wing and youth after freebies (and so badly educated by the leftist educational establishment that they do not understand the disaster that socialism brings).  But even Bernie’s enthusiastic crowds may be driving away more moderate Democrats.

Two analysts, Michael Barone (here and here) and the Huffington Post’s Zach Carter, have pulled together what ought to scare the pantsuit off Hillary.  (OK, sorry, that’s an image that won’t go away quickly enough.)  MORE

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  1. Horseshit.

    Hillary is as slick as her husband in name only.
    She will pick Sanders as her VP in order to rally the base.
    Otherwise, the Sanders supporters will sit home on election day. SHE KNOWS THIS.

    You heard it here first.

  2. I can understand low enthusiasm for the dems, they have a choice between a lying corrupt old hag and economically challenged (and possibly senile) old white socialist

  3. Right now there are men meeting somewhere, trying desperately to pull a plan together that’s gonna get Mitt the nod.

    They know he would lose even worse then he did last time but they don’t care. To them Hillary is a better bet then Trump.

    There are trillions of dollars at stake here and they will not go quietly into the night.

  4. Interesting how the Republican party ‘must’ disavowal white supremacists and the KKK but the Demorats can openly and tearfully embrace black supremacists, Black KKK, Black Congressional Caucus, Hispanic Congressional Caucus, black separatists (Malcom X), Nation of Islam (and it’s demigod Farrakhan), minority criminals (illegal aliens) and historic racist hero’s Robert Byrd, William Fulbright, the Sheriff with the dogs and
    virtually every anti-American hater DemoRat member of Congress topped by that filthy piece of detritus B. Hussein Obama. The DemoRats need to disavow themselves!!!!!!!

  5. I think the low D turnout is because a lot of Dem voters are thinking “Hillary is a lock, why waste my time voting in the primary”
    Unless they are interested in the local candidates they have other things to do.

  6. Democrat Party: The party of simultaneous “resting bitch face” and “resting asshole face” wrapped up into one location.

  7. yeah they may think Hillary is a lock but the people that go to the primary are the dedicated and engaged people who ALWAYS participate in the primaries because it’s what you do.

    They aren’t interested.

  8. Even socialists understand that if the entire economy collapses, that everyone suffers, not just the “rich” and the “white” and that the urban ferals will be eating each other in a matter of weeks, if not days.

    The Gravy Train is predicated upon middle-income America doing their patriotic part to pay taxes and submit to the depredations of the socialists with little complaint – but if Sanders and Clinton have their way, middle-income America may react unpredictably.

    Thus, the rank-and-file Demonrats are left with a vague feeling of queasiness about the whole Demonrat Primay charade.

    Our county council’s sole Demonrat recently converted to Independent because he can smell the fetid rancidness of the Party and doesn’t want to be thus tainted (he’ll probably get away with it, too – people are pretty fucking stupid).

  9. This was happening when Romney ran also.
    What happened, though, was that the Democrats were off doing crossover voting to ensure Romney would win. Rush talked about it extensively at the time and created ‘Operation Chaos’.
    The same thing is happening in this election, for exactly the same reasons.

  10. JohnS, YES. That is what happens in our open primaries in my county. They only stop being democrats for a day, vote for the the republican they are sure their demon rat candidate can beat and then emerge for the general as democrats again. It’s very effective.

  11. JohnS, YES. That is what happens in our open primaries in our county elections. They only stop being democrats for a day, vote for the the republican they are sure their demon rat candidate can beat and then emerge for the general as democrats again. It’s very effective.

  12. 18 states have it.
    By the way, McCain ONLY won in open primary states, did not win even one state that didn’t allow Democrats to vote in our primaries.
    If this isn’t fixed we Republicans will never have a say in presidential elections.

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