The Internet Will Uncover You

The *Asperger Brigade will unveil you for who and what you are.

The EAV Bar Dumb Bell owner who is anti-cop is, apparently, a piece of work.

This page will explain a lot. I’m not going to repeat them, just link them, because this idiot might be litigious.

ht/  Inigo Montoya

*This is a term of endearment, of sorts. It means that collectively, they stay focused and unrelenting once their attention is on a project. Like ants.

12 Comments on The Internet Will Uncover You

  1. I always dreamed to have info on the lives of idiot douches at my fingertips, thanks interwebs, i’m glad i created you.
    you’re welcome and my pleasure! 🙂

  2. James Cox Chambers. Same last name as the leftist owners of Cox Communications: Atlanta Journal Constitution, TV stations, broadband. Coincidence?

  3. so, this guy gets screwed up on drugs, runs around naked in the park, gets arrested and now has a hard on for cops because his money couldn’t buy him freedom. sounds like a real shitbag. I hope his spotter drops barbells on his neck.

  4. The Cox family is a bunch of leftists. I hate having to tune in to WSB to hear Rush. They will preempt his show at the drop of a hat, to broadcast a bond hearing for a rapper. They sponsor the most crooked polls in service of people like Hillary and Ossoff. They employ Sweaty Thumb.

    I wonder which posh prep school young Chambers attended… Woodward? Westminster? Or maybe he went to school at Paideia with Ossoff. This asshole has “ne’er-do-well” written all over him. Probably has it tattooed, too.

  5. @Page, yes, he’s reportedly an heir to the Cox empire.

    Thoroughly indoctrinated. Lots of issues.
    But I’m sure he would object to Bernie’s 100% Tax On The 1%.


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