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The Irrationality of The Leftist Narrative

The only think consistent about news stories framed by the left is that if they can link a Conservative value to a murderous act they don’t hesitate for a nanosecond, but if the perpetrator is in any way sympathetic to the left’s agenda the story is soon lost in the news cycle.


Jim Geraghty provides example after example of the double standard in recent events Here

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  1. I’ll return to a comment I made here this morning:

    You know, I heard that inbred twat Prince Charles intone at the big Glo-Bull Warmist conference today “We need to take action to protect the unborn future generations”.

    Can somebody help a brother out here?

    How are we supposed to, as a society, give more of a shit about the future unborn, while we currently slice and dice the present unborn?

  2. Trump demanding that we seal our border with Mexico = Racist Fascist Demagogue

    Obama demanding that Turkey seal its border with Syria = Hardnosed Commander in Chief

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