The Josef Mengele School of Medicine?

Documents were released recently demonstrating that UW-Madison received fetal tissue from a local Planned Parenthood (PP) clinic. No money changed hands and PP had permission from the mothers to take the samples.


The tissue gathered was for a study on babies with chromosome abnormalities that leads to “Down syndrome and other medical challenges that have no treatment.”

“We currently don’t understand why these fetuses don’t grow normally, McGlone said. These chromosomal abnormalities lead some families to seek abortion. Many of these fetuses survive after birth but continue to suffer harmful effects because of their abnormal growth.”


So they were studying tissue from aborted babies with and without chromosomal damage in order to figure out why the babies weren’t going to develop normally?

Let me help- because they had a genetic defect.

This kind of “science” is reminiscent of the work done by nazi researchers and probably just as useful to mankind.

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  1. The comments on the original article where so thoughtlessly in support of PP it was disgusting.

    I’ll tell you how this study got done, someone at the UW medical research had a phone call from PP say “Hey, we’ve got a lot of fetal tissue over here, you guys want it?” The UW researcher thought “Hey, maybe I can get an academic paper out of this. You won’t happen to have fetal tissue from babies with genetic defects would you?” “Yeah , lots. Swing by on your lunch break and we’ll fix you right up.” and sure enough the “researchers” manage to get two papers publish from this.

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