The Kafkaesque Diversity Training Happening On College Campuses

College Fix

A student at the University of Florida has provided to The College Fix images from a diversity and inclusion training that students are being told to take.

The materials teach that “equity” is fair while “equality” is not, that “whitesplaining” is a “form of racism,” and many other lessons that suggest white people are the problem.

The program consists of a series of multiple choice questions, infographics and videos. More

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  2. So with equality, every has the same opportunity to see the game, but some can see it better than others, but with equity, nobody gets to see the game, because we’re all in this together, comrade?

  3. Semi-related – I did have a conversation with a couple of my students this last week. We were talking about cybersecurity and the terms Hackers and Crackers came up. One of my students (hispanic) jokingly said “you cannot say that”. I know he was joking because from past (non-school related) conversations I know that he is a conservative.

    I told him, and the rest of the class that I have been called a cracker, and much worse. And, as Rush said many times, I wasn’t willing to give anyone else the power to control me and thus do not take the term personally. A few in the class nodded their heads, and we returned to the non-political discussion on cybersecurity 🙂

  4. When everyone has equity, with the same status, privilege and effects, I still want to know who gets the beachfront property!

  5. Shine a light on the Roaches….Parent who raised ethical children, only to have them go off to college and be told they are inherently bad because of their race, are not going to keep paying the outrageous bills these places charge. Should also keep in mind while students are studying this crap they are NOT studying something that might be useful to them in their future personal or professional lives. Got that racial equity stuff under control but never took any STEM or business classes or a philosophy course that encouraged true personal reflection.

  6. In the photo on the link at College Fix, what is the guy looking at? I think he got distracted.

  7. @Insider888 – and you can guess that I am in the STEM world.
    Sadly, I have turned in my resignation, so I will not continue teaching after the current semester. I hope that I have brought a little bit of balance, and a lot of experience and knowledge to my students. Sadly, I have not excelled in teaching, and have struggled, at times, dealing with those who could be my grandchildren (which I do not have).
    But, enough about me.

    How do we fight this? I was on the front lines for 3 years. Some may say that I gave up. I will not disagree. I will argue that my lack of teaching experience and knowledge were as much, or more, of a detriment than the experience and knowledge that I brought. Regardless, support those teachers who do their job and do not bring personal politics into the classroom. There are many, despite the unions and “ruling class” pushing radical agendas (common core, critical race theory, white privilege, etc.). Do not lump all of them together (see similarities to racism), but push to promote true diversity in thought. Get active, speak out, get involved with PTA, school boards, etc.

    Even though I do not have children, and I am leaving the teaching world, based on what I have seen, you can bet that I will be going to those meetings and try to influence.

    Sorry, I did not want to make this about me, but looking at this post, it almost resembles an Obumbles speech. I just want to encourage all of you to not give up. You can get discouraged, and take a time out, but recharge, regenerate and get back involved. You do make a difference. Some of you, and some in my community have been supportive of me, and I cannot thank you enough. I know I am not the only one, though we are / were (not sure I can say ‘were’ since I am getting out) in the minority.

    Dang it, this post almost looks like an SNS post because of the length. His insights generally make me feel bad because he appears to put me to shame in his unselfishness. You may, or may not, disagree. I have been a teacher (high school and college) for 3 years, he has been on the front lines saving lives (and I thank him and all others on the edge – God Bless all first responders).

    Dang, two rants in one post. I need a break. It is a good thing the semester ends in the next couple of weeks. Time to jump on the motorcycle and just ride for a few weeks.

    God Bless you all. God Bless all of the IOTW admins. Never give up. Have a good weekend, week, summer, year.

  8. the protagonist of 1984 said while losing the election to Atlee (Winnie would win next fight!)’
    “Capitlisn allows the herd workers to get rich while the near do wells get ;poverty! Communism guarantees all live in poverty!”

    Winnie in real life won more than he lost. in 1984 Winnie is a loser.
    I hate3d that book! Still do 61b years later!

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