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The Kathy Griffin Implosion Show

I don’t expect anyone to watch more than a frame of this Kathy Griffin video-

There. That’s your frame.

The rest of it is Kathy’s self-pity party, explaining how she is on an Interpol list at the airport because of her “beheading joke.”

She lashes out at 2 gay men accusing an ex-boss, head of Bravo, Andy Cohen, of doing blow. She calls out TMZ’s Harvey Levin as a Trump ally and a traitor of the gay community.

Then she says she just wants to be left alone to do “her comedy.”

This isn’t the best part, the best part, as Michelle’s Big Beaver says, is that the video has twice as many thumbs down as thumbs up. Also, the comments are predominantly against her.

Here are a few:

Cheer up Kathy you can now use the ladies restroom at Target!
Kathy Griffin. The lovechild of Andy Dick & Woody Woodpecker. The fashion police should give you the death penalty for those brows.
Seek professional help, you poor crazy soul.
Tough to sympathize with this hateful ugly hearted wretch.
WHAT in God’s name are those things above your eyes? Are those things supposed to be eyebrows???
Man..You are a HOT MESS! It is sad that you are just trying to stay relevant…Too late.
Maybe you should of thought before posing with a decapitated head of the current sitting president. Only a liberal like you could turn this around and act like a victim. Unbelievable.
Is that the clown from Stephen King’s IT?
why the long face?
You just make it worse and worse for yourself. You are completely unhinged and that drag queen makeup? Give it up, Kathy. You’re finished.
This is a drag queen pretending to be Kathy, right?
And so it goes, and goes and goes.
Buh bye Kathy. You f* cked with the wrong president.



51 Comments on The Kathy Griffin Implosion Show

  1. Is she on drugs? Whatever will she think when she wakes up in the morning and remembers what she did? I’m afraid poor Kathy is seriously finished. ….Lady in Red

  2. She played a really annoying character on Seinfeld.
    It’s clear now that she wasn’t acting.

    What a wretch.

  3. She’s morphing into Anderson Cooper.
    Btw, ease up on the Red dye #3. Dayum.

  4. If Kathy wanted to be “left alone to do her comedy”, she should have stayed away from partisan politics. She was making a hallway decent living making fun of celebrities and pandering to gays. Shoulda stuck with what she knew best.

    In Hollywood you’re only as good as your last movie, or in her case, your last bad career decision.

  5. Anderson Cooper?

    What the fu, back on track. If her face gets any skinnier, it will have only one side. I’m 100 percent serious, who here has seen a face that is geometrically similar to hers. I’m telling you “Come Fire Walk With Me” freaken weird. Someone needs to cut her and see what pours out. I’ll wager it’s not red.

  6. It looks like a drag queen trying to do Joan Crawford…. So Kathy now that the shoe is on the other foot, do you have any more Palin jokes you want to tell??

  7. Willy

    What a great episode. What a great show. Flash back to 16.

  8. Reminds me of a woman I knew for years that came on to me when she knew I was split with my wife.

    She wasn’t my type romantically but we had been friends. When I turned her down she asked why. I thought it was pushy the way she did it. She was offering nasty things. So I directly told her she wasn’t my type. I didn’t want to lead her on. Honesty.

    She got angry.

    Oh, baby! You’re mad and spiteful? I changed my mind! I want you so bad now!


    Ms Griffin, doing this mean/snarky,spiteful/gotta-be-right thing isn’t going to draw us into your camp. Quite the opposite. It’s only confirming one of the reasons you’re not liked.

    Please go away before we have to make it abundantly clear you’re not wanted.

  9. Looks like more of a caricature of Annie Lennox. I liked The Eurythmics, too bad she is such a lib.

  10. Left alone to do “her comedy” is what she has. Doesn’t pay that well though.

  11. imagine how scary she is without make up


  12. Joe, I’m not getting the similarity between Ann Lenox and Kathy “I should cut my throat”. As I remember Lenox was not a skeleton. Now Kathy looks like she has a tape worm the size of an andaconda living up her ass.

  13. Hey, Cathy….
    Let me give you a hint, I care less about your problems than you care about what is right and proper.

  14. “Why the long face?” That’s funny right there.

  15. Brad, you’re right. I said caricature. Annie Lennox could still have an unusual look about her though. Did you like the Eurythmics? I saw them once, hell of a show.

  16. Kathy Griffin made the mistake of thinking the left liked her. The left, like any communist organization uses people until they are no longer useful. Kathy is no longer useful.

  17. Someone put that photo next to Dylan Roof; they look like twins.

  18. I meant Adam Lanza. I get my mass murderers mixed up all the time.

  19. ” Did you like the Eurythmics? ”

    No Joe. I haven’t been to a concert in a while. And the last few have been Country Western. Actually the last concert I was at was Marshal Tucker. What a great freaken band.

  20. Eurythmics was many years ago also. I remember having a great time.

  21. Bitch needs to go to her safe space so we can lock her in it.

  22. What a triple freak show: Griffin, Boener, and Moore. Bing, Bang, Boom. I won’t be able to sleep tonight. Thanks for the vid Willy.

  23. Actually Joe, There was a more recent concert. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. What a trip. It was a week day and 90 percent of the crowd piling into Arco Arena was wearing Suits. Shit they just dimmed the lights and you were in for a contact high. Everyone was smoking dope. (Not me or the wife. I don’t do that shit). One of my favorite songs of all times is Southern Cross. And no matter their politics the did not disappoint.

  24. Live music, well performed is a lot of fun. Even bands that I didn’t care for have surprised me with a great show. The flip side of that is a bad performance. The worst I saw was Waylon Jennings, so drunk he needed help to get off the stage.

  25. joe6pak

    we saw Willie when he was in big ass tax trouble. What an effing joke. He was totally a machine. Just playing one song after another and then gone. I guess he was pissed.

  26. Joe
    Best version of Southern Cross ever was by a cover band in Lahina at Kimo’s. Breeze right off the ocean sipping on a Drambuie, Tiki Flames and watching the off shore boats roll back in behind the break water. I can’t even tell ya.

  27. Lahaina? How about the Blue Max, is that still there? I used to stay at the Pioneer Inn. When I was young I had a couple 2 week stays there. That was a lot of fun years ago.

  28. Kimo’s and the Blue Max were just a block or so apart. Those were fun days back in a previous life.

  29. joe6pak

    That was our two week thanks giving trip back in the day. I don’t remember the Blue Max. We use to stay at the Kea Lani down towards Makena So our trips to Lahaina were not that prevalent. Good times.

  30. she is keeping better company, Michel Savage, also banned.

  31. She’s either the Crypt Keeper in drag or its sister.

  32. Suicide is the only next logical step Kathy.


  33. Seinfeld was spot on about her. Insufferable bitch.

  34. the only saving grace for her is that her fall from celebrity “D” status will not be far.
    the first rung of the ladder is not very high off the ground.

    is it me or is she a man dressed in drag ?

    you can tell she could not sleep her way to the top.
    I bet she’s one of the few celebrities without a “Weinstein” story.

  35. She’s lost weight. Evidently the insults about her thighs got to her.

  36. Obviously, she was born on Uranus. I am certainly glad I have never seen her.

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