The Killer’s Note

It was “just numbers.”

Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock calculated where to shoot to kill maximum number of people.

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  1. Very crazy people can accomplish very crazy things because they are very crazy.

    I always remember the words one of my psychiatrist friends told a client of mine during a joint case review: “You do crazy things because you’re just f__ing crazy.”

    If he was a gambler who dealt with odds why wouldn’t he figure his greatest chance of “success?”

    We end up scratching our heads and trying to understand this type of behavior and the answer always comes up because they were crazy!

  2. Friends have asked me where are all the shell casings? The sonofabitch must have fire a thousand rounds. No casings in the photos of his room. No carpet burns. I do not have an answer.

  3. That Washington Examiner article is a hoot!

    …semi-automatic rifles…modified with a “bump stop” to increase their rate of fire…


  4. Tony R, as much as I like Mark Steyn, and I don’t dismiss the expertise of his acquaintance, I think that was another case of chattering to fill the air. There are still too many ‘official’ facts with holes you could drive a tractor trailer through that don’t align with reality. I’ll wait.

  5. @Tony R – Paddock’s casing of other large gatherings of people of a different demographic from the C&W fans he ended up murdering does serious damage to the Brit’s “analysis.” (I use the quotation marks because it is in reality conjecture that is itself begging for an analysis not offered.)

    The other major flaw in the “analysis” is the assumption that Paddock left no note or manifesto explaining his mass murder. That govt agents say he didn’t is not persuasive.

  6. Bad Brad I need info. What the fuck is a bump stop, a bump stock?
    Why are there no spent casings in the room?

  7. @Tony R linking to Mark Steyn is the most logical theory I’ve heard to date. In my heart I know this guy was a leftist. What better way to advance your anti gun agenda than to pull off a massacre that forces lawmakers to rush toward the issue? That the targets were likely republican gun owners is a win-win for this guy.

  8. I’m in no way convinced of anything about this tragedy. The chain of events leading up to it don’t jive, unless you want to consider conspiracy, which is probably more accurate than you think.

    Arkancide? Those fucktards have been raking in a lot of money, nothing says more than a few million to kill some people. Hildabeast tweets about suppressors in her sympathy response? Liberals losing everywhere? A total nobody, a chain of events don’t support what’s reported. DJT, the demon with no actual proof he’s a demon, so they shut down everyone who opposes them.

    We should have coveted her book, the failed coronation ignited the fire, so many people would still be alive today.

  9. Why are there no bloody empties? Why is his leg under the gun with the bi pod on it?
    Tommy a Bump Stock is a device that activates the trigger on recoil. I’ve never shot one. They are far to dangerous for some one who lives in California.
    I have my problems with this entire thing but social media hit insanity yesterday. I’ll wait for the official cover up.

  10. It’s not just body count. It’s about advancing an agenda.
    I stayed at a hotel overlooking a Major League Baseball park. If I was just looking to set the records for kills, this place would have much easier.


    I’m with steyn on this. Makes total sense.

  11. Maybe with the half truths LE released and half truths on social media, we’ll eventually come to a conclusion.
    Laura Loomer produced a receipt from The Mandalay showing check in 9/25 thru 10/2. Technically he “checked out” on 10/1.

  12. I don’t buy the him casing other locations talk, he would have had to drive to Boston or Chicago. Las Vegas was an hour from his base by car. I think he was just practicing in his mind looking out the window.

  13. I know I read somewhere that one of the G/F’s IDs was found in the room and the room was under her name? Anybody else recall that?

    As for Steyn’s article, now what if it was a government run fishing expedition and he was just a patsy for it?

  14. How many weapons were actually in the room? I’ve been seeing up to 27, now it’s 47 according to this article.

  15. ” She’s on her way to Vegas to kick some truth ass.”

    Why are you letting a woman do the work you should be doing?
    I hope you are with her.
    Is this her real name?

  16. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    @ Dr.Tar,
    Yes, I believe a lot of this was generated from Northern Virginia.

  17. I keep seeing more and more indictments of this sucker. First he had a dozen weapons, then 2 dozen, then fertilizer explosives somewhere, now 4 dozen weapons just in the room alone. I’m expecting to start seeing reports that he had a suitcase nuke, then nerve agents, then a dozen ICBMs, and finally a death star.

  18. Steyn’s piece – that convey’s the think-tank’s conclusion that Paddock was making anti-2A point, seems to be reasonable.

    IT IS MADE MORE LIKELY if it was driven and supported by “Soros” (quotes implying someone like Soros), with high level help.

    A refinement of the anti-2A play we know of as Fast & Furious.

    One question would be: Was there payment if some kind?

  19. My two cents.
    This guy was a Narcissist.
    He could make tons of money several different ways – and did.
    He wanted a new challenge.
    He wanted to be famous.
    So he commits the most heinous mass murder in history.

  20. @reboot
    GF club card was in the room (not sure if the room was in her name.)

    When SWAT made entry, they didn’t even know Paddock’s name.
    This is what I heard on the scanner… we have a black club card on the table, (cop spelled GF name & addr 1372 Babbling Brook Ct, Mesquite, NV) then said, “this may be a roommate or girlfriend”.
    Didn’t take but 2 minutes search of prop tax records before everyone knew Stephen C Paddock.

    I do think it’s odd if he was such a high roller that he had her club card.

  21. True believers with deep pockets and anti 2A sentiments and vivid imaginations or coaching don’t need external financing. But who knows? Money laundering is not a new phenomenon.

    Like I’ve said before, the longer FBI LVMPD slow walk this the more conspiracies grow.
    Give us some info. You’ve got about a week until this goes full conspiracy theory

  22. manbearpig – the Death Star wasn’t finished yet, but it is fully operational. Except for that dude in the control room…


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