The King Has Been Ousted By “Lite” Weights

For the first time in American brewing history, three lower calorie “lite” beer brands have topped sales in this nation, knocking the self proclaimed “King of Beers”, Budweiser, to fourth place. Mexican brew, Corona, comes in fifth place in the States making steady gains in the competitive macrobeer industry.

Consumer data indicates that the major beer brands have been declining steadily in sales for over a decade as consumers show interest in more distinct locally brewed micro and craft beer brands.  More

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  1. Lite beer. Tastes like a can of cold tap water.
    Looks like a stale ginger ale.

    Must be Millenial women driving beer demographics.
    Real men drink Guinness. Or Yuengling.
    Or single malt.

  2. Bud light tastes like it was filtered through orange peels stuffed in an old sock.
    I prefer an American brewery, Yuengling, Black and Tan, if I choose to have a beer.

  3. Budweiser is German now. You may have seen their pro illegal alien beer commercials.

    I’ll second the Fat Tire. A Blue Moon on occasion. I quit Sam Adams over their pro gay pride parade BS.

    We have several local breweries that have fantastic offerings. Yazoo and the delightfully named Fat Bottom. FB has a Ruby Red ale that is the bomb.

    Carling Black Label in rusty cans at Naval Air Station on Guam during the late 60s – early 70s. And you’d better have an honest-to-god puncture top can opener. I’M NOT SAYING IT WAS GOOD: I’M SAYING THAT’S ALL THERE WAS.
    Probably better than what those pussies at the Officers Club were drinking.

  5. back in the day of partying …. Schmidt’s …. $3.75 a case, return the empties & get back $0.75 deposit 🙂
    now, it’s Yuengling
    … fuck that Guinness shit … they’re just as guilty as Sam Adams over that St. Patrick’s Gay shit too

  6. oh … & why, in God’s name, is there Corona Light????

    ….I mean …. that crap evaporates as soon as it comes out of the bottle!

  7. As effed up as Portland is, the city does have one great thing going: LOTS of micro breweries. Another new brand every month. Have yet to be disappointed. Every bit as good as micro breweries during the Germany days.

  8. Like Rufus, Yuengling, the black and tan is really nice and creamy.
    American family owned and brewed.
    Imagine my surprise when I discovered it is quite popular in the south.
    Only lite I drink is FreeLite.

  9. The best thing about Bud these days is their cloying ad campaign: “Dilly, Dilly!”

    Not because it’s cool and makes be buy Bud, but because it’s ANNOYING and reminds me that foreign-owned Bud, the overpriced microbrews that the adolescents prefer, and the anti-America NFL, they can all KISS MY BUTT.

    Good cheap beers have reappeared! PBR, Olympia, Rolling Rock, Genny Cream Ale, et al.
    No limes, no oranges…. hey, pass me a little can of tomato juice! lololol

  10. Light beer? Every can I ever opened exuded ZERO photons. I am disappoint.

    Budweiser brews, the whole herd, can go fuck off. I hate them.

    I liked Yuengling until they made it legal in Ohio. No more mystique… and far too litlle alcohol content for me.

    USA domestic major brand beers suck IMO. But, yes, Rufus, there was a time when I drank Milwaukee’s Beast Ice by the case until my stomach started to rot.

    When I drink at home, I drink for alcohol content. Labatt’s Blue delivers for me a consistent taste and ABV that I’ve come to know and love. If I want taste, I’ll head to the myriad of IPAs available. Some of the regional IPAs smell so much like pot I have to wonder what they brew them with.

    For all the other times, God created vodka. Thank you, Lord!

  11. @ flip.they use a LOT of hops in the craft IPAs, hops are of the same family as pot, Cannabaceae.
    Same aroma, without the stoned part.

  12. it’s getting to the point where I find very few ‘craft beers’ that are actually satisfying enough to drink … most are so over-hopped that they destroy what malt is in the brew … what? did these things need to endure a trip around the world several times in a slow boat to reach market, or what?!?

    btw, beginning to hate the over-50 (usually bearded or nearly-shaved stubbled, receding or close-cropped, or pony-tailed hair, sandaled-in-the-summer) beer snobs as much as I loathe the cork-sniffing wine dorks

  13. Anchor Steam Beer. Strong, malty, chewy flavor. A manly man’s beer. Only drawback is that your girlfriend may get a yeast infection as a side effect.


  14. I’ve got nearly 10 gallons of a kettle sour with blueberries and Buddha’s Hand in the fermenter. Just dry hopped 5 ounces of lemondrop, hovering around 62°, should be kegged in about 2 more weeks. We’re going to ramp up production with a new 1bbl brewhouse. Even with all this excellent home brew, I still primarily drink Miller Beast Light, because I can’t be drunk all the time.

  15. “… because I can’t be drunk all the time.”


  16. @OpenTheDoor: “Same aroma, without the stoned part.”

    Thanks for the heads up. That IPA doesn’t burn very well in a bowl.

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