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The Korean War on Faith

FRC: If President Trump manages to meet with Kim Jong Un next week, the two men will have plenty to talk about. And while denuclearization will probably top the list, there’s also the matter of the regime’s other weapons — against faith.

Kim Hak Song, one of the Americans released by North Korea last month knows exactly how oppressive the government there can be. Thrown into prison for the “crime” of praying, Kim says he was spared some of the horrors the others experienced. At one point during his captivity, he took the risk of sharing the gospel with a regime official — a decision that could have cost him his life. “I was grateful and thankful that at this time I was able to share God’s message to this person.”

But it is a message the country does not tolerate. For that reason, a coalition of religious liberty advocates — including FRC — sent a letter to President Trump, urging him to bring up the dictator’s hostility toward faith in the list of topics the two discuss.  more here

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  1. @Left Coast Dan June 8, 2018 at 12:54 pm

    > NK has a lot of oppressive activities to overcome. First things first.

    Actually, this makes it a good time to do a public show of it, for Trump’s more implacable “base”. America wants to give Kim the Vlad Țepeș treatment (including the very public celebration), before the looting begins. Agreeing to study allowing the heresy of worshiping some body other than a Kim, is more serious than decriminalizing wearing white after Labor Day. But it’s way easier to even do (not just say), than unilateral disarmament (none dare call it unconditional surrender). So Kim looks like a humanitarian, Trump looks like a boss, and voters get to say “elections have consequences” (on both sides of the Pacific).

  2. To the left religion is a competitor. The idea of a higher power is intolerable to them. It’s the same worldwide and in North Korea especially. The people were forced to worship the “Dear Leader”.
    Obama and those like him must have envied that status.


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