Dissident:  Lots of things are forbidden in Cuba: unfettered Internet access, leaving the country without authorization, and free protest, just to mention a few. Some of these are par for the course in a totalitarian state, but others are bewildering. Take, for example, Cuba’s criminalization of beef.

Known as “red gold,” beef is one of the hottest underground commodities in Cuba. When I was living in Havana, one of my neighbors told me, “Carrying around beef is worse than carrying around cocaine. You can spend years in jail if you get caught.” The reality of the situation is that in Cuba, even if you have your own cattle, it is against the law to eat them or even sell them. Cattle are a de facto state monopoly: an individual proprietor of a cow can only milk it, not slaughter it. To buy or sell a cow, he needs the state’s permission.



  1. Oh yeah! We need some of that here. All We need to do is put that lying,commie she demon in the oval office. We’ll get this kind shit, on steroids.

  2. So ya come from the Land gone under

    Where People starve and suffer

    I said do ya speak My language

    He just smiled and put Me jail for a Beef sandwich

  3. Beef. It’s what’s for dinner. It was an ad campaign. Now it’s a criminal offense.

    Eat that.

    You leftists. You know what you can eat?

  4. A fellow I know in Toronto that travels to Cuba regularly say’s you can get a hooker for a can of Coca-Cola.He say’s the island is seriously fuked up.The only Cubans that make any money are those that do laundry, shine shoes, make food for the Americans from Gitmo.

  5. Yeah, I dunno…Cuba sucks, but the beef industry is mystically retarded…I live within a 30 mile radius of 200,000 cattle and the 4 closest grocery stores provide truly crap beef…Today I saw some ribeyes for $13 bucks a pound???? and I’ve bought this stores beef before….I’d be better off to put these steaks on the soles of me boots and try to save me boots…

  6. Maybe after November 8th Hillary can go to Cuba and buy cattle futures from the Castro Brothers and make a killing.
    She’s experienced with socialism/communism, corruption and insider trading.

    And best of all she won’t be extradited to the US for her corruption as the titular head of the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

  7. I used to eat mainly beef but the price now is astronomical. I can buy lobster cheaper than T-bone at my local Kroger. What a joke

  8. If you own forest land in many parts of THIS country you need gov’t permission to cut a single tree!
    If you have a pond or stream on your property you need gov’t permission to improve it.
    If you have a fire problem with brush you need gov’t permission to clear it.
    Remember Malheur?
    Remember La Voy Finicum was killed because he didn’t go along with gov’t control of his land. How soon you’ve all forgotten!


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