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The Last Straw

American Digest:

So I am out and about in this college town which is clotted on every street downtown with some sort of current PC cucksanity… and I stop into a non-Starbucks for a cup o’ joe at, what, twenty cents a sip now? It’s a nice place if a bit pricey, but it is very, very correct. Politically, that is.

As you may remember, the blow struck against global warming/cooling/moisting/changing by California this year was to ban automatic straw giving in restaurants. You can (for now) still have a straw but you have to ask for it. This has something to do with something in the pea-sized brains of the climatecucks. I guess it is to battle the booming carbon footprints of India, China, Africa, etc. We only get straws on request in California because it stops the ice caps melting faster than the Indian, Chinese, and African exploding populations who all want stoves, cars, refrigerators, air conditioning can do it. Right? Right.

Anyway, I go up to pay for the coffee and I see this on the counter:

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  1. Liberalism kills. It starts with things like #metoo, straws etc, and ends in che guevara wanna bees machine-gunning political prisoners.

  2. I generally agree with the sentiment of the article

    Ask them if they have the accessory crack pipe bowl fitting for it.
    “… First, you have to have the meeting and actually decide to have these fabricated out of stainless steel.”
    It is off the shelf stainless piping. Go into your local auto parts store and ask for some stainless brake line and, with a hacksaw, you’re all set to start selling them yourself. It comes in all sorts of sizes- even up to Keystone Pipeline size. I think they call that mondo jumbo.
    But, that is what they do. First create a problem, they mandate a solution.
    And it you got caught with one of those in london they’d toss your ass in jail.

  3. Why not just use a hollow comb and have your staff clean it! Much cheaper and much more efficient and you will be a hero to the leftist snobs!

  4. “it pours the fluid down its throat” (B. Bill. evil luster after your flesh…)

  5. Surprised a combo syringe/straw hasn’t been invented, just to drive the left nuts-more nuts.
    A stryinge!

  6. Straws are for women and children. Not Ladies and Gentlemen. I tell the story that we weren’t allowed to use them after we turned 12, but the truth is I got one shoved way up my nose, (it was Sprite, not Coke) and never them again for drinks. But seeing that metro sexual, muslim president we recently had pucker his lips around one on several occasions reminded me of how silly, stupid, and queer people look drinking every damn beverage through them. A sense of dignity, not laws, should keep any self-respecting person from using sissy-sticks

  7. Carry a big gallon size plastic Ziploc bag full of plastic straws with you. Whip it out as your beverage is being prepared.

  8. In order to clean the straw properly you might need a bottle of water and some soap.

    I see the day these stupid straws will be a collectors item….though not in my time.

  9. Maybe I could kick over a bees nest and tell the mind-numbed robots about all the water that is being held hostage inside of millions of septic tanks.


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